Trump’s Controversial Prison Photo: A Campaign Booster Worth Millions

2023-08-27 01:47:19

What would be a portrait of shame for any normal citizen is a campaign booster for Donald Trump (77)!

As his campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said, the police photo taken in a prison in the US state of Georgia on Thursday has already brought 7.1 million US dollars into the presidential candidate’s coffers.

The fact is: The indictment in Georgia is the fourth against the ex-US President – in the worst case, a total of 700 years in prison. But one thing is also certain: on Friday alone, Trump received 4.18 million dollars in donations and booked the highest-selling day of his campaign to date.

Trump leads polls

His supporters apparently want to support the Republican in difficult times. It is considered possible that he could become president again. Because Trump is by far the most popular candidate in his party.

According to the latest polls by Real Clear Politics, he is far ahead of De Santis from Florida with 55 percent approval with 14 percent.

Whether he could assert himself against incumbent Biden is not yet foreseeable – at the moment Trump and Biden are tied in polls.

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Prof. Thomas Jäger (Cologne University) knows the value of Trump’s visit to prison: “The photo is already an icon of US political culture. If you look back to today in a hundred years, this photo will appear.”

Whether on caps or T-shirts: the police photo and the prisoner number are already a box office hit


The USA expert continues: “Most people would want to hide from such an accusation – but he makes a show out of it. So his first tweet after a two-and-a-half year break is the photo with the mugshot and the saying below: ‘Never surrender’.”

Donald Trump is the first ex-president in US history to have a mugshot. The motif can already be found on a number of T-shirts and mugs.

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