Iran’s large-scale attack on Israel 2024-04-14 19:39:34

Iran has launched a drone attack on Israel.
Image: Reuters

Iran fired more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel during the night. Most are intercepted. Iran says that retaliation has been achieved – Israel leaves it open how it will react.

GAt a quarter to two o’clock on Sunday night, the warning sirens sounded at the Dead Sea. Alarms were also raised in Jerusalem and the southern part of the West Bank, northern Israel and parts of the Negev Desert in the south. Detonations were heard in the air in Jerusalem and several other cities. The Iranian attack on Israel, which had been a threat for days, had begun. The regime in Tehran wanted to retaliate for the killing of a high-ranking commander of the Revolutionary Guard, who died in Damascus a week and a half ago, in an attack allegedly initiated by Israel.

Christian Meier

Political correspondent for the Middle East and Northeast Africa.

Army spokesman Daniel Hagari appeared in front of the camera at three o’clock. The attack was a “massive escalation,” he said. “Iran carried out a large-scale coordinated attack on Israel tonight.” A “massive swarm” of “killer drones” and missiles of various types were fired. Tehran has “sent more than 300 threats of various kinds,” Hagari said on Sunday morning. Israel intercepted 99 percent of the flying objects and projectiles in cooperation with its allies.

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