Lawyer answers • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Attorney Abd al-Rahman al-Abd al-Latif explained that the alternative punishment is for the public right and not for the private right. And Al-Abdul-Latif said during his appearance on the “Ya Hala” program that the alternative punishment is for the public right, but the private one is not affected. He continued that in some … Read more

The trending alternative to “non-invasive” and “painless” plastic surgery

It is rhinomodeling, an aesthetic medicine procedure that is growing in the country and in the world based on hyaluronic acid. The new techniques of aesthetic medicine and the trends that grow through dissemination in social networks, have increased the consultations, especially focused on treatments with fast and reversible results, generating a new trend in … Read more

Paris Hilton gives birth to her first child through a ‘surrogate’

International superstar Paris Hilton surprised her followers on her Instagram account, by publishing a new photo in which she revealed that she had become a mother for the first time. The picture showed the hand of the newborn baby holding Paris Hilton’s hand, as she attached it to a comment in which she wrote: “You … Read more

Brigadier General “Muhammad Al-Amiri” reveals the reason for his transformation from a “retired pilot” to a specialist in alternative medicine • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: “Muhammad Al-Amiri,” a “specialist in alternative medicine,” narrated the story of his transformation from a retired brigadier general to an interest and specialist in alternative medicine. Al-Amiri said, during an interview with the “Al-Resala” channel, that I am from the environment of beekeeping and honey in the country of Al-Awamer in Al-Atiyyat Governorate … Read more

Nattuvia, the innovation of its alternative medicine products | Entrepreneurship | Business

The alternative and functional medicine It is increasingly relevant today. This search aims to treat people in an integral way, looking for the origin of a pathology and attacking it in a personalized way. six years ago came Nattuvia to the country as a natural pharmacy that distributes medicines, supplements, vitamins and natural products from … Read more

Al-Khudairi advises not to eat bread to avoid diabetes and colon irritation..and reveals the alternative

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The researcher in carcinogens warned against eating bread, saying that bread is currently full of industrial additives, such as improvers, stabilizers, and artificial colors to improve bread. Al-Khudairi indicated in a series of tweets on his Twitter page that bread is one of the causes of diabetes, weight gain, and colon irritation. Al-Khudairi … Read more