What kind of Mr. Pepsis is this?! Balvi mother horrified by children’s coloring book

A mother from Balvi was surprised that one of the characters in the Trolls children’s coloring book is called Mr. Pepsis. “What kind of Mr. Pepsis is this?” This is fine? This book is intended for a child, how can you write something like that?! Could you ask the publisher what they were thinking when … Read more

BB.lv: Musk spoke about the “eternal war” in Ukraine: Zelensky responded

American economist David Sachs assessed the effectiveness of the new US aid package for Ukraine. He shared his thoughts on April 21 on the social network X (formerly Twitter). “Based on simple math, the new funding bill, widely seen as Ukraine’s bailout, will buy exactly half of the summer counteroffensive,” Sachs wrote. American billionaire and … Read more

Rodion Gazmanov sharply commented on the news about the change of brother Philip’s surname

The public was surprised when they learned that Oleg Gazmanov’s youngest son, Philip, decided to change his last name. But the point is not a quarrel, but a billion-dollar project that he could lose. Philip Gazmanov several years ago, together with his friends, opened a company that transports cargo all over the world. About 600 … Read more

Fuchsia Pink Light Display near Antwerp: Explained and Debunked by HLN

2023-11-05 07:04:33 Yesterday evening, a fuchsia pink light lit up the sky near Antwerp. It didn’t take much for many Belgians to wonder on social networks: but what happened? HLN reassures this Sunday morning and indicates that this is in no way a strange phenomenon. The explanation actually comes from the light that a nursery … Read more

Dealing with Unreasonable Customer Demands: A Manga Story of Customer Service Challenges and Solutions

2023-09-30 07:00:16 In the service industry and customer service industry, interaction with customers is important. However, sometimes customers make “unreasonable demands” and we get confused… This time, we will be bringing you a shocking scene from the popular manga “Mobile Shops Are Full of Complaints” by Harapekomonrrow (@harapekomonrrow). A customer who makes selfish demands… A … Read more

Unveiling the Hidden Mobile Radars: How They Outsmart Drivers and Their Wallets

2023-09-22 15:29:45 “We also have a trash radar”: how mobile radars hide to better flash you… Par Yannick Hallet Drivers have the impression that mobile radars are now less present on the roads, because of the network of section radars and fixed boxes. They are wrong, unfortunately for their wallets… of videos This is particularly … Read more

Belgian Man’s Money Deposit Gone Wrong: A Cash Point Scam Revealed

2023-08-30 09:10:00 Hans wonders. The Belgian, originally from Alken in the province of Limburg, deposited money in the Bancontact Batopin cash point near his home. Except that the sum he deposited there has not completely arrived in his bank account. of videos “I put three 200 euro notes in the cash drawer. A refund notification … Read more

Attempted Robbery on Xavier Neujean Square: Witness Account and Arrests | Latest News from Liège

2023-08-24 15:40:00 This Tuesday early evening, a witness witnessed from the window of his home an attempted robbery on the Xavier Neujean square, in the center of Liège. Two individuals were indeed prowling around a parked electric bicycle. The witness then saw them trying to break the padlock of the two-wheeler with kicks and called … Read more