Watch.. The reaction of the famous Tik Tok “Saud Al-Qahtani” when he was surprised that the woman with him on the broadcast was the sister of the artist Rashid Al-Majed

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The story of a British restaurant owner who surprised his customers with an unexpected “secret” about the pizza he has been serving them for 30 years.

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The reaction of the famous “Quaid Al-Majd” when he was surprised by the entry of a woman’s husband while he was talking to her via a live broadcast • Al Marsad newspaper

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Watch.. an old story of the owner of a “shop” in Najd, his friend accused the farmer of stealing his money… and after the latter returned the money to him, he was surprised by what he did not expect.

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Watch.. A young man tells a funny story about a citizen who was given 500 riyals in charity by a merchant.. Then he was surprised to sit in the businessmen’s seats on the plane

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