European Driving License Laws: Updates and Changes You Need to Know

2023-11-25 10:20:00 1. Driving license at 17 The European Commission wants to lower the legal age for a driving license to 17. ©pololia – Fotolia The new European directive would set the legal age at 18 from which all B license candidates could obtain the precious sesame. But, specifies the draft directive, Member States will … Read more

Fuchsia Pink Light Display near Antwerp: Explained and Debunked by HLN

2023-11-05 07:04:33 Yesterday evening, a fuchsia pink light lit up the sky near Antwerp. It didn’t take much for many Belgians to wonder on social networks: but what happened? HLN reassures this Sunday morning and indicates that this is in no way a strange phenomenon. The explanation actually comes from the light that a nursery … Read more

Mastering the Golf Swing: Left Pinky Up Technique for Ultimate Accuracy

2023-10-18 04:18:19 Greet golf fans and other seekers with the left little finger pointing upward toward the target. Give this video a name: [左小指朝上]This is the pinky cup keep your left hand pointing up so we want to point it up on the subsequent swing and that will guide it to your destination so I’m … Read more

Mistake by Moroccan National Team Goalkeeper Yassine Bono Almost Results in Own Goal – Sports Observatory

2023-10-15 09:55:04 Sports Observatory: Social media pioneers circulated a video clip of Moroccan national team goalkeeper Yassine Bono making a mistake that almost resulted in scoring an own goal in the match that was held for the Moroccan national team and its counterpart in Ivory Coast. The clip showed an Ivory Coast player trying to … Read more

WINDOW, a good stock, organizes IPO Roadshow Online: 12 October.

2023-10-11 19:36:05 Wednesday, October 11, 2023 Window Asia Public Company Limited (WINDOW) is a good stock, highlighting the highlight of being a leader in production. and sells ready-made door and window products, the first to have the company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and the company is also a leader in distribution channels … Read more

Unforgettable Hotel Experience: Ceiling Covered in Bats in Plzen, Czech Republic

2023-10-11 11:03:48 A couple recently checked into a 3-star hotel in Plzen, Czech Republic. They felt stuffy, so they opened the window to sleep. Unexpectedly, the next day they found that the ceiling of the room was covered with bats and there were several dead bats on the ground. . (Image/Pixabay) When a couple checked … Read more