‘I don’t see Barça losing four matches’ (video)

FC Barcelona widened their lead at the top of La Liga even further by winning against Real Madrid on Sunday with a score of 2-1. Author again of a good performance, Thibaut Courtois did not however manage to lead his club to victory and saw Barça take a 12-point lead in the standings. “We played … Read more

Government directive regarding the grounds of Camp Al-Rashid in Baghdad

Al-Sudani’s office stated, in a statement received by Al-Sumaria News, that the latter “inspected the ongoing works on Abu Nawas Street, which are currently being implemented within the (Beautiful Baghdad) campaign.” The road adjacent to the Tigris River. Al-Sudani also inspected, according to the statement, Al-Rasheed Camp, and was briefed on the camp and the … Read more

three people die after being ejected from their car when they hit a tree

The accident that occurred this Saturday evening, around 9:15 p.m., on the Ringlaan in Lichtervelde left no chance for the three occupants of the car. The driver, for an unknown reason, lost control of his vehicle which crashed head-on into a central island before ending up against a tree. A violent shock that expelled the … Read more

How the richest man in Asia lost $4 billion in one morning

It is the Indian tycoon Gautam Shantilal Adani. He lost that amount (and more) after a “bad streak” in the stock market and dark accusations. Five days of “bad streak” on the stock market left the Indian tycoon Gautam Shantilal Adani a little poorer and out of first place on the podium of the richest … Read more

“It was enough to knock me unconscious”

On a trip to Las Vegas, this client will not soon forget his stay in a hotel in the American city. When he opens the minibar in his room, he almost faints when he discovers the exorbitant prices of alcohol, soft drinks or even snacks inside. Among these, the sum of $31 (or 28 euros) … Read more

A mother suddenly loses her life… She thought that what she was feeling was symptoms of poisoning, and this is what turned out

British Kelly Gleeson, 40, suddenly lost her life after believing that her symptoms were just “food poisoning”. After a tiring day spent by the mother vomiting, she lay on the bed to sleep; When her daughter, Madison, 17, went to check on her just an hour later, she was found dead. According to the British … Read more