Rodion Gazmanov sharply commented on the news about the change of brother Philip’s surname

The public was surprised when they learned that Oleg Gazmanov’s youngest son, Philip, decided to change his last name. But the point is not a quarrel, but a billion-dollar project that he could lose.

Philip Gazmanov several years ago, together with his friends, opened a company that transports cargo all over the world. About 600 million rubles were invested in it. They also created a convenient application, and the project suddenly took off and began to generate serious income – the turnover exceeds a billion rubles, and experts predict a great future for it.

The only problem is the sonorous surname of Philip. The fact is that his father was included in the EU sanctions list, which could complicate the guy’s life. And he could lose millions in profit.

Journalists found out that Philip now bears the surname Muravyov (his mother’s first surname), while continuing to engage in a successful business. But how did the family react to this? The media decided to take an interest in his brother Rodion, with whom they have an excellent relationship.

“When you ask about something someone did not from the person who did it, it’s not interesting. That is, it may be interesting only to the average person, but at the same time it is absolutely dirty and vulgar. Why are you interested in the opinion of a person who may not know why this happened? Yes, even if I know this, I will not share it with you, because there is a person who committed this act. And you need to ask him this question, not me,” said the elder brother in a raised voice.

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2024-04-05 15:11:34

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