Is it the end of humanity? Two artificial intelligences acquire the ability to communicate with each other for the first time – Publimetro México

The artificial intelligence It advances at a speed that seems unattainable for humans. It is because of this type of scientific achievements, that governments of the world They are organizing to regulate these technologies and know the possible consequences before developing them and it being too late for humanity. A team of scientists spent months … Read more

A ‘jumping’ gene caused humans to lose their tails | Science

The tail has been a very useful tool since the first animals appeared, more than 500 million years ago. Fish have used it to propel themselves through the water, dinosaurs balanced with them and scorpions use them as a weapon. Closer to our species, 25 million years ago, ancestral primates used them as another limb, … Read more

Mexican Alien Mummy Controversy: DNA Tests and Legal Battles

2023-12-02 11:41:40 The controversy surrounding the mysterious aliens that Mexico introduced to the world earlier this year is heating up again. Mexican journalist and UFO claimant Jaime Moussi has again claimed that DNA tests have confirmed that the remains he found are not human. With this, Mexico has again extended the discussions related to aliens … Read more

Emerging Frontiers: The Golden Age of Medicine and Revolutionary Advances in Healthcare

2023-10-30 17:27:25 Scientific advances in medicine are booming. From the rediscovery of the body’s “forgotten organ” to potential cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s and HIV on the horizon, we are entering a bold new era of medicine. Historically, medicine has experienced defining moments that have revolutionized healthcare and saved countless lives. From Edward Jenner’s inoculation against … Read more

Preparing for Future Pandemics: A Warning from WHO Director-General

2023-10-29 15:53:36 Al-Marsad newspaper – Agencies: The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, warned of the emergence of new pandemics in the future, after the Corona pandemic recedes. Pointing out that it is just a matter of time. He called on people to prepare to face the coming dangerous disease without panic … Read more

Protecting Your Health: Understanding the Impact of Magnetic Storms and Relieving Symptoms

2023-10-21 08:22:39 Al-Marsad newspaper: A Russian expert warned of magnetic storms that occur at long intervals, stressing that they could cause major health problems. Internal medicine physician Savinich Aliyeva continued, according to what was reported by Russian media, that a magnetic storm struck the Earth on October 18, and other storms will soon follow, which … Read more

Revolutionary Discovery: Shellfish Cancers Spread like Viruses for Centuries – Potential Game Changer in Human Cancer Treatment

2023-10-12 17:10:04 Scientists have discovered cancers that have been spreading like viruses for centuries among species of shellfish, a revolutionary discovery that could change the way cancer is treated in humans. A study found two strains of an ancient form of leukemia-like cancer that has been spreading silently among shellfish for centuries. According to the … Read more

Law No. 214 of 2020: Regulations and Standards for Clinical Medical Research

2023-10-08 05:00:00 Law No. 214 of 2020, promulgating the Law Regulating Clinical Medical Research, aimed to establish the foundations, standards, and controls necessary for conducting clinical medical research, and protecting subjects, whether this research is preventive or diagnostic, therapeutic or non-therapeutic, interventional or non-interventional. This research is required to adhere to the provisions of relevant … Read more