The 7 most haunted places on the planet are chilling to hear

2023-12-20 01:15:00 1. Pluckey Village – England: A famous haunted village in England, with many spooky black spots, such as Fright Corner and Screaming Woods. Guinness World Records records it as “the most haunted village in England”. Villagers often go through horror experiences at spooky location hey, especially during the Halloween season.2. Riddle House – … Read more

The Impact of Pesticide Exposure on Male Fertility: A Recent Study Revealed

2023-11-19 07:36:21 Al-Marsad newspaper: A recent study revealed that exposure to pesticides reduces sperm concentration in adult men around the world. Pesticide The study stressed the need to reduce exposure to the two types of pesticides under study, to preserve male fertility. The researchers noted that other studies have shown that semen quality is declining … Read more

The Surge of Syphilis Infections Among Newborns: A Critical Health Crisis in America

2023-11-08 10:41:00 American health authorities warned on Tuesday of a rise in syphilis infections among newborns, which has more than doubled what it was in ten years, a situation that reflects concern about the resurgence of sexually transmitted diseases in the country. An infant becomes infected with syphilis when his mother has this bacterial infection … Read more

Miraculous Desert Rescue: A Tale of Hope and Survival

2023-10-15 05:49:10 Al-Marsad newspaper: The Saudi Channel highlighted the story of the rescue of a citizen and his son after they lost their way in a desert area and lost hope in life. The report stated: Bandar’s health condition no longer had the strength and endurance, and the reality of his condition was that “surrendering … Read more

Revolutionary Discovery: Shellfish Cancers Spread like Viruses for Centuries – Potential Game Changer in Human Cancer Treatment

2023-10-12 17:10:04 Scientists have discovered cancers that have been spreading like viruses for centuries among species of shellfish, a revolutionary discovery that could change the way cancer is treated in humans. A study found two strains of an ancient form of leukemia-like cancer that has been spreading silently among shellfish for centuries. According to the … Read more

A Closer Look at President Gustavo Petro’s Health and Schedule: The Truth Behind the Rumors

2023-08-27 18:47:58 This week, the president of the Senate Iván Name will have to consider the proposal of opposition representatives who are requesting that President Gustavo Petro undergo an examination to determine his state of health. And it is that the repeated absences and cancellations of events in which the president was present continue to … Read more

Halima Boland breaks her silence and responds to a statement that her family repudiated her and described her as “disabled and ill-mannered” • Al Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-19 20:48:19 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kuwaiti journalist and fashionista Halima Boland broke her silence and revealed the fact that her family disavowed her and described her as “disabled and ill-behaved”, in a statement that spread like wildfire during the past hours on social media. no comment And Halima appeared, in a video clip, accompanied by her … Read more