A Closer Look at President Gustavo Petro’s Health and Schedule: The Truth Behind the Rumors

2023-08-27 18:47:58

This week, the president of the Senate Iván Name will have to consider the proposal of opposition representatives who are requesting that President Gustavo Petro undergo an examination to determine his state of health.

And it is that the repeated absences and cancellations of events in which the president was present continue to feed versions of political sectors about alleged effects on his health. So far, Casa de Nariño has not made an official statement, but the President spoke with Cambio magazine about it.

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In the interview, the president pointed out that “it is nothing serious” and about his mental health he was blunt in pointing out that he does not have depression, as some sectors have pointed out.

“No, I have not. That has never been in my existence. I also do not understand Ingrid’s gossip because I try to remember that moment,” he said in dialogue with the magazine.

And it is that the former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt has made public reference to an alleged episode of depression that the president had in Belgium years ago when he was a diplomat there.

Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia.

“I was in Europe, obviously at a time that was not pleasant for me, because I had left with death threats. So, what Ingrid tells are lies,” he said.

On the other hand, he stated that these versions of Betancourt are “gossip.” “I have had moments in which one feels that one is going to break, problems always come all together. My son’s moment was very difficult for me and he also gets together with another and another and another. But I just breathe, “he added.

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Regarding the cancellations of his schedule, he said that it does not always happen for the same reasons. “At first it was inexperience with my team, because when strangers make your agenda and it’s not one…”, she maintained.

The president made reference to the tight schedule that, especially in international trips, he must comply with.

He assured that “for example, on international tours, the teams begin to organize as if one were not sleeping. To make the most of those opportunities that are not repeated.”

President Petro’s visit to Spain.


EFE. Juanjo Guillen

He said that there are times when there are so many events that he must attend that he has had to say “no more.”

The head of Government, in this sense, concluded: “I need my balance, permanent fatigue is a bad adviser. If you go too far, then you will not think well, you will make mistakes and in this case I cannot give myself the luxury of making a lot of mistakes.


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