Was Nasing in a hurry again? Silini’s English interview was ridiculed (+VIDEO)

The journalist asked Silini in English whether she considered Donald Trump a threat to Article 5 of the NATO Charter. After thinking a little, Silinya obviously wanted to ask the presenter how he himself thinks (What do you think?), but because of the prime minister’s pronunciation, instead of the word “think”, something completely different came … Read more

Incredible Comeback: Betplay League Coach Vows to Continue Project despite Relegation

2023-10-24 14:39:59 Betplay League The coach apologized to the fans and confirmed that he will continue in the project for 2024. Diego Corredor Photo: Dimayor By: Futbolred Editorial October 24, 2023, 09:39 a.m. m. The defeat of Atlético Huila at the home of América de Cali (1-0) confirmed the club’s return to the second division, … Read more

A Closer Look at President Gustavo Petro’s Health and Schedule: The Truth Behind the Rumors

2023-08-27 18:47:58 This week, the president of the Senate Iván Name will have to consider the proposal of opposition representatives who are requesting that President Gustavo Petro undergo an examination to determine his state of health. And it is that the repeated absences and cancellations of events in which the president was present continue to … Read more

The Prophetic Seer: Conversations with the Virgin and Miraculous Food Multiplication

2023-06-30 06:00:49 The seer who assures that she talks to the virgin and that she multiplies portions of pizza and portions of gnocchi For some time now, there are many people who insist on having gifts for divination, clairvoyance or have some kind of gift that makes them special. There are those who claim to … Read more

There will be no Comesaña X but there will be Mr. Mayor? Uruguayan talks about rumor

soccer trivia His story with Barranquilla would go to another level, from Atlético Junior to the highest political office. Julio Comesaña. Photo: Dimayor By: Writing Footballred March 30, 2023, 11:03 am. m. Julio Comesaña said it clearly: “more than a project I am looking for a purpose”. Thus, subtle but emphatic, he canceled the possibility … Read more

Daniel Craig talks about Messi, the World Cup and his new movie, “Glass Onion”, which is on Netflix

He no longer has permission to kill, nor does he drink shaken martinis like he did when he was James Bond, but Daniel Craig is, once again, a skillful detective in Glass Onion, un misterio de Knives Outsequel to Between knives and secrets which on Friday, December 23, premieres via streaming on Netflix. For now, … Read more