Germany identified Europe’s dependence on Russian uranium

Many energy crops within the European Union are Russian or Soviet in design. They require particular hexagonal gas cells, and this dependence prevents the introduction of sanctions by the affiliation. As well as, Hungary opposes the introduction of restrictions on the Russian nuclear business. In April, the US Senate banned the import of uranium from … Read more

petrol and diesel will be cheaper in Hungary from Wednesday

Last week’s momentum continues and the price of fuel in Hungary will continue to fall this week, according to recent data from Fuel: the new prices have been announced – petrol and diesel will be cheaper again from Wednesday / Photo: László Róka / MTI The Fuel Price Watch Blog since Wednesday, the wholesale … Read more

Heating becomes cheaper in the summer, but water and telephones become more expensive

As we can see, heating tariffs, which soared with the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, reached their peak in the summer of 2022, slowed down and began to fall. If last year at the end of the heating season the average tariff for heat energy was 110 euros per megawatt-hour (MWh), then this year it … Read more

G7 countries announced a decrease in dependence on Russian fuel

This trend was also facilitated by energy savings and a decrease in gas demand achieved through alternative energy sources. G7 countries intend to end their continued dependence on Russian gas as quickly as possible, and increasing supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) could play an important role in this process. The meeting participants also recognized … Read more

Kim Jong-un sent Putin 7,000 containers of shells (VIDEO)

The NDR was able to provide the Russian army with an advantage in shells in battles with Ukraine. Seoul suggested that in response to this, Pyongyang received essential supplies, including fuel. Since last year, North Korea has sent about 7,000 containers of ammunition and other military equipment to Russia to help Moscow in its war … Read more

Aspropyrgos: A spiral that adulterated fuel and drinks was dismantled – 1.2 million in evaded taxes – 2024-03-08 14:30:42

A criminal organization was dismantledwhose members imported and produced fuel adulteration chemicals, while at the same time they trafficked adulterated fuel and drinks. For the case, 20 members of the organization were arrested, including the leader, while ten more have been identified and are being sought. A case file was filed against them for – … Read more

Belgium Wood Pellets Price Drop: Latest Updates and Trends

2023-12-18 16:25:00 With an average price of €6.79 for a 15 kg bag of pellets, wood pellets return to an average that the Belgian consumer has not seen since July 2022. Surprising: this average price for December is lower than at the best times, in May and June. This is the third consecutive drop and … Read more

Hospitals in Gaza and the Gaza Israel War – What to know about the current situation via latest news

2023-11-11 08:13:00 Calls for restraint are growing in the face of escalating fighting around hospitals in Gaza, as the Gaza war enters its sixth week on Saturday. Gaza Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf Al-Qudra said that operations at the Al-Shifa Hospital complex, the largest hospital in the Strip, stopped today, Saturday, after fuel ran out … Read more