The Green House: A Story of Patriotism and Loyalty to the Rulers – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-09-22 19:57:37 Al-Marsad newspaper: Citizen Khalaf Al-Sharari told the story of his house known as “The Green House” in the Al-Qurayyat Governorate in the north of the Kingdom. He said during an interview with Al-Arabiya channel: “The building is colored green from the outside, and every year I hang a number of flags on top … Read more

Benefits of Flying at High Altitudes: Efficiency, Performance, and Safety

2023-09-18 01:24:00 Al-Marsad newspaper: Pilot Captain Mohammed Al Shaiban revealed the reason for flying planes at high altitudes. High altitudes Shaiban said, during a tweet on his personal account on the “X” platform: The main reason for flying at high altitudes is to obtain the best performance of the engines and the most efficiency, because … Read more

Empowering Liberation: Eva Amaral Breaks Taboos on Stage

2023-09-13 07:38:14 Singer Eva Amaral He has defended having taken off his shirt on stage, leaving his torso exposed during a concert at the Sonorama festival. “Was the greatest act of liberation I have ever felt“said the singer, for whom the criticism received has not made her regret it. «All that mountain of hate proves … Read more

After an absence of 4 years.. a famous Egyptian artist breaks her silence and reveals the reason for wearing the hijab!

2023-09-09 08:08:23 Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian artist, Jamila Aziz, revealed the reason for wearing the hijab, the secret of her absence from acting for 4 years, and the truth about her retirement from acting. She explained that the reason for her absence from acting was due to her exposure to a severe health illness, noting … Read more

The Secret Behind Neymar’s Face Mask Revealed: Al-Marsad Sports Exposes Advanced Recovery Method

2023-08-31 09:05:41 Al-Marsad Sports: Today, Tuesday, press reports revealed the reason for the appearance of the Brazilian Neymar de Silva, the star of the Al-Hilal team, wearing a face mask in the past few hours. And according to Al-Riyadiah newspaper, Neymar sparked controversy yesterday after appearing wearing a medical mask, which sparked a lot of … Read more

The idiot is him! DJ SODA was attacked on the chest 2 days ago, the man appeared in the case and apologized for the “salty pig hand”- Chinatimes News Network

2023-08-21 15:03:24 The idiot is him! DJ SODA was attacked on the chest on the 2nd and the man came to the case to apologize for the “salty pig hand” Chinatimes.comGot it! DJ SODA 2 males involved in violent chest assault plead guilty for the first time to reveal the “real reason” of salty pig … Read more