Treating Psoriatic Arthritis: Cold, Bran Bath, and Breathing Therapy | – Guide

Status: 02/28/2023 12:34 p.m In psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis occurs in combination with rheumatism. The Natur-Docs use natural therapies to relieve inflammation in the skin and joints. Psoriasis rheumatism (psoriatic arthritis) describes a form of psoriasis in which inflammatory joint diseases also occur. The chronic inflammation, which is manifested by painful, stiff and swollen joints, often … Read more

Psoriasis and sexual intercourse – tips to help patients practice intimate relationship

06:02 PM Wednesday October 19 2022 I wrote – Hoda Abdel Nasser: Some people with psoriasis find it very difficult to have intercourse, especially if symptoms, such as rashes and crusts, are more common near the genitals. In the following lines, “Consulto” reviews tips that help psoriasis patients practice intimacy, according to the “WebMD” website. … Read more

Can “nails” really tell disease? What type of nails should be careful

“nail” can tell disease Is it true or not? which “nail” that, if you look carefully will have different characteristics, such as shape, color, shortness, length of the nail face and health Of the nails, it depends on the care of each person. which the change of “nail” that does not depend on the care … Read more

All autoimmune diseases increase the risk of cardiovascular disease – healing practice

Higher risk of heart disease in autoimmune diseases persons by a autoimmune disease According to a large epidemiological study, people who are affected also have a significantly higher risk of cardiovascular disease to develop. researchers of KU Leuven in Belgium have shown that people suffering from an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoider Arthritis, psoriasis or … Read more