Understanding the Link Between Psoriasis Severity and Vitamin D Levels: Expert Recommendations and Treatment Options

2023-07-29 23:00:00

Written by Enas Al-Banna, Sunday, July 30, 2023 02:00 AM

The main symptoms of psoriasis and this autoimmune disorder are patches of inflamed, scaly, dry skin. The affected areas can be itchy and may be painful for some people.

Psoriasis can range from mild to severe, according to the Healthsite scalp psoriasis Only while others may have it in many parts of the body, recent research on vitamin D and psoriasis suggests that a deficiency may be linked to severe psoriasis.

About the study

This study was conducted by researchers in several countries including Brazil, Italy, and Nepal. The results indicate that people with psoriasis also have low levels of serum vitamin D in their bodies. Experts say this may be the reason behind the severity.

research results

Researchers have found that when the level of vitamin D in the blood is low, the disease tends to become severe. It was also found that vitamin D levels were very high in people who had fewer scaly patches on their bodies, while people with the most psoriasis-affected body surface area had the lowest blood levels of vitamin D.

Is there a final link?

However, after completing all the research findings, experts still haven’t figured out if low vitamin levels lead to severe psoriasis or vice versa.

What do experts recommend?

Despite the association between vitamin D levels and severity of psoriasis shown by these findings, experts say they still do not have enough information here to recommend vitamin D supplementation for our psoriasis patients.

Experts always advise patients to consult their doctors if they have psoriasis and vitamin D deficiency, only experts will be able to give you the best advice and treat it.

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