Understanding the Cause of Psoriasis and Effective Treatments – Expert Advice from Khaled Al-Barqawi

2023-12-06 22:51:15

Al-Marsad newspaper: Content creator and specialist Khaled Al-Barqawi revealed the cause of psoriasis and how to treat it.

He said during a video clip: “Psoriasis is not a skin disease. It consists of spots and leads to very severe itching. After researching it, it is the immune system attacking itself, and the main cause of it is the digestive system.”

He continued: “There is leakage from the stomach and digestive system into the blood, poisoning occurs, the immune system attacks itself, and spots appear on the skin. The first treatment for psoriasis is to take glutamine on an empty stomach, and 10 grams are taken 3 times, starting with one dose, and after 4 or 5 days, two doses, then 3 times, and this leads to “Rehabilitating the digestive system, reconstructing the mucus present in the digestive system, and closing the openings resulting from pores that lead to the leakage of some foods.”

He added: “The second treatment is tomano oil, which is an oil found in Southeast Asia and is very useful for inflammation of wounds and leprosy. He continued: “The third treatment is vitamin D, and you must get 10,000 units daily with keto, in addition to a healthy diet.”

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