Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Achieving Success: The Inspiring Story of Citizen Muhammad Al-Qasim

2023-11-28 10:15:26 Al-Marsad newspaper: Citizen Muhammad Al-Qasim narrated the story of his suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), and how he overcame it and succeeded in his work until he owned a factory. Al-Qasim said: In 2011, I suddenly woke up and found difficulty and retention in urinating, and a little at a lower level in … Read more

The Benefits and Risks of Saccharin Sugar: Insights from Clinical Nutrition Specialist Amal Kenana

2023-11-26 21:03:24 Al-Marsad newspaper: Clinical nutrition specialist Amal Kenana revealed the benefits and harms of “saccharin sugar” as an alternative to sugar. Non-food chemical She said during an interview with the “Sayidaty” program broadcast on the Rotana Khalijiya channel: “Saccharin is a non-food chemical that has been manufactured since 1870, and the sweetness present in … Read more

Preventing Varicose Veins in Female Teachers: Insights from Dr. Muhammad Al-Shammari

2023-11-25 09:50:07 Al-Marsad newspaper: Interventional radiology and catheterization consultant, Dr. Muhammad Al-Shammari, revealed the most common disease that may affect female teachers. Al-Shammari said, during his appearance on the “Sayidaty” program: “Varicose veins are a dilation and expansion of the superficial veins in the lower extremities, as a result of a defect in the valves, … Read more

Eating Fruits and Vegetables to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer – Insights from Dr. Muhammad Al-Ahmadi

2023-11-25 11:14:20 Al-Marsad newspaper: Professor of Physical Effort Physiology, Dr. Muhammad Al-Ahmadi, said that eating vegetables and fruits in large portions for girls reduces the incidence of breast cancer. Al-Ahmadi added, during his appearance on the Saudi TV channel: “Whoever eats 3 portions compared to only half a portion, her risk of developing breast cancer … Read more

Genetic Medicine Consultant Zuhair Rahbini Reveals Risks of Consanguineous Marriage in the Kingdom: Common Diseases and Health Implications

2023-11-25 07:55:51 Al-Marsad newspaper: Genetic medicine consultant Zuhair Rahbini revealed the most common diseases caused by consanguineous marriage in the Kingdom. Rahbini said during his interview on the Sayidaty program that recessive diseases are the most common in the Kingdom, given that the mother and father do not show any symptoms, as they are relatives, … Read more

The Dangers of Holding in Sneezes: Insights from Dr. Muhammad Mahri, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

2023-11-23 21:55:05 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Muhammad Mahri, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, revealed the dangers of holding a sneeze, and its effect on the eyes and brain. He said during an intervention with the “Sayidaty” program: Holding a sneeze is a very bad thing, as sneezing is the expulsion of very high-pressure air from the … Read more