Vitamin D Deficiency and Psoriasis: Research and Clinical Nutrition

2023-11-08 15:58:01

Al-Marsad newspaper: Eunyoung Cho, a dermatologist at Brown University in the United States, revealed, according to research he conducted on 500 cases with the help of his colleagues, that vitamin D deficiency is linked to a significant increase in the severity of psoriasis, and they indicated that vitamin D plays a role in preventing the development of skin diseases. By modulating the immune response and acting directly on skin repair cells.

Vitamin supplements

“With increasing public interest in vitamin supplements, we wanted to further study the relationship between vitamin D levels and psoriasis severity,” says Zhu, according to Science Alert.

Clinical nutrition

“Few studies have looked for this association in groups of people, especially in a large U.S. population, or examined this relationship through the lens of clinical nutrition,” Zhou continued.

Vitamin D deficiency has previously been linked to an increased risk of depression and deaths from coronavirus, while supplementation, when levels are insufficient, may reduce the risk of heart attacks and relieve symptoms of depression.

The researchers said: “Our results suggest that a diet rich in vitamin D or oral vitamin D supplements may also provide some benefits for psoriasis patients, and they should only be taken after speaking with a doctor.”

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