Best Foods to Reduce Cholesterol: Tips from Dr. Alexander Myasnikov

2023-12-04 10:14:57 Al-Marsad newspaper: Russian doctor Alexander Myasnikov revealed a number of foods that reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the body, which are: 1 – Nuts: According to the latest scientific studies, various types of nuts can reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol, so they must be included in the diet. 2 – … Read more

Understanding Seasonal Influenza Vaccines: Insights from Dr. Rashid Al-Balaa, Internal Medicine and Critical Care Consultant

2023-11-29 21:21:45 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Rashid Al-Balaa, internal medicine and critical care consultant, revealed, during his interview with the “Al-Rased” program, the reason for the strong incidence of seasonal influenza this year. Al-Balaa said: After Corona, we remained in quarantine for two years and took vaccines, so most people became dependent and did not take … Read more

The Importance of Omega-3 for Memory and Overall Health: Tips from Nutrition Consultant Dr. Bassem Abu Bakr

2023-11-23 07:45:08 Al-Marsad newspaper: Nutrition consultant Dr. Bassem Abu Bakr said that Omega-3 is an anti-inflammatory unsaturated fatty acid. Poor memory Abu Bakr added, in a video clip he posted on “Tik Tok”: The health problems that arise from omega-3 deficiency are “serious,” and include weak memory, problems in the brain in terms of memorization, … Read more

Warning Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency: Fatigue, Infections, Bruising, Wound Healing, Dry Skin

2023-11-04 14:43:00 Antioxidant, anti-fatigue and anti-allergic… Vitamin C plays a major role in the proper functioning of the body. But if you are not one of the people who like fruits, you may face a deficiency in the vitamin. Here are some signs that warn of its deficiency. We find vitamin C in many foods … Read more

Top Nutrients for a Healthy Heart and Blood Vessels: Insights from Cardiologist Dr. Anna Biryukova

2023-11-04 11:06:19 Al-Marsad newspaper: Cardiologist, Dr. Anna Biryukova, revealed nutrients that are beneficial to the heart and blood vessels. “Vegetable oils, such as olive, corn, sunflower and soybean oil, can be consumed daily to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,” she said while speaking to Gazeta.Ru. Biryukova continued: “These oils contain a large amount of … Read more

The Health Benefits of Pumpkin: A Complete Guide for Immune Support and Disease Prevention

2023-10-24 00:12:29 Al-Marsad newspaper: Russian pediatrician Dr. Anastasia Lyotova revealed: Pumpkin is considered a seasonal product that is very beneficial for health, because it is rich in carotene, which is why its color is orange. It also contains vitamins A, groups B, C and E, and microelements – potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, dietary … Read more