Prevention and Treatment of Skin Cancer: Expert Tips and Advice

2023-09-14 22:00:00 Money Today Reporter Jeong Sim-gyo | 2023.09.15 07:00 [정심교의 내몸읽기] As the particularly hot summer passes, UV protection is something that is easy to neglect in the fall. However, in Korea, fall is the season with the second highest UV index after summer. In particular, the fall season is not as hot as … Read more

Kuwaiti actress Haya Al-Shuaibi reveals the story of her assault two years ago in Turkey • Al Marsad Newspaper

2023-09-05 07:55:42 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kuwaiti actress Haya Al-Shuaibi told the story of being beaten and assaulted two years ago in Turkey. And she said during a video clip: “They attacked me and beat me two years ago,” noting that she was assaulted by people in Turkey to steal her money. She pointed out that part … Read more

Remembering the Legacy of Brazilian Fitness Influencer, Larisa Borges

2023-08-31 12:51:20 Surprisingly, the Brazilian fitness influencer, Larisa Borges, passed away at the age of 33, after suffering a double heart attack. Borges was transferred to the hospital on August 20, after suffering a heart attack in the town of Gramuda, and she stayed for a week in a coma until she died, according to … Read more

A Syrian actress reveals her exposure to bullying: Talent alone is not enough

2023-08-14 03:37:22 Actress Ahed Deeb revealed that she tried to invest in a profession close to art, in addition to her acting work, which is to supervise training courses for acting talents. And “Deeb” confirmed, during her conversation with “Fuchsia”, that she is with academic study and continuous research, and always prefers to study, because … Read more

Shocking Tale of Robbery: Woman Shares Her Experience of being Targeted Twice While Traveling in Turkey

2023-08-13 21:16:25 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A woman told a story of being robbed twice in the same way, while she was traveling with her family for tourism in Turkey. The citizen revealed, in a circulating video clip, details of her being stolen twice in Turkey by the same person on two different occasions, noting that the … Read more

Kim Kardashian begins her rehabilitation journey after suffering a broken shoulder

2023-08-09 21:31:56 Reality TV star Kim Kardashian revealed previously undisclosed details about a major and painful injury that prevented her from practicing her exercise activity over the past few weeks. Kim said in a post she shared with her 363 million followers on Instagram: “Well guys, something you don’t know about me is that I … Read more