A Syrian actress reveals her exposure to bullying: Talent alone is not enough

2023-08-14 03:37:22
Actress Ahed Deeb revealed that she tried to invest in a profession close to art, in addition to her acting work, which is to supervise training courses for acting talents.

And “Deeb” confirmed, during her conversation with “Fuchsia”, that she is with academic study and continuous research, and always prefers to study, because talent alone is not enough, and it needs refinement and development.

And she indicated that teaching is a wide and large field, and it is in its infancy, and it is still trying to give with all its energy, and is close to people who register in acting courses, and from all different age groups, young and old.

on the other hand; The Syrian actress explained that she is preparing to present a theatrical work for children that is currently being prepared, in addition to that she is reading some TV scripts, but she has not yet decided between them.

about her personal qualities; She showed that she loves laughter, joy, sarcastic, and optimistic.

And she considered that moodiness and stubbornness are two negative characteristics that she suffers from, and her weakness in life is injustice, and she hates to see an oppressed person, as she turns directly into another person whose concern is to do justice to the oppressed and restore his right.

She indicated that she always tries to arm herself with kindness, that she is a loving person, and that she stays away from negative energy as much as possible. She also loves to cook, and is good at cooking many dishes such as: “Shakria, mallow, and rice.”

She revealed that she was frequently bullied on “Social Media”, and does not respond to bad comments, nor does she regret choosing acting as a profession, as she does not find herself far from art.

She also announced that she used her fame to get a free service.

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