After the bed scene…the hero of the Syrian traitor series raises controversy again with his mistress! (photo)

2023-11-12 09:01:11 The series “The Traitor” has continued to raise controversy since its recent start, as its first episodes witnessed bold scenes, including an intimate kiss between actress Sulafa Mimar and her colleague Qais Sheikh Najib. They also appeared together in its first episode in a bold scene in bed. The series also witnessed a … Read more

Addressing the Challenge of Syrian Displacement: Strategies and Impacts on Lebanese Communities

2023-09-30 05:16:51 It was noteworthy yesterday that the army announced that its units had thwarted, last week, attempts to infiltrate at least 1,300 displaced Syrians at the Lebanese-Syrian border, coinciding with the beginning of popular movements protesting the continued flow of Syrian displacement. In this context, several security reports were received indicating the need to … Read more

After his heart stopped for two minutes… The famous Syrian actor: My time is drawing near!

2023-09-20 11:34:03 Syrian artist Rakan Tahseen Bey revealed the latest developments in his health condition after his heart stopped for two minutes, confirming that he has recovered and that he is receiving medications for the sake of prevention and protection. In an interview with the “Fuchsia” website from his home in the capital, Damascus, Tahseen … Read more

A Syrian actress reveals her exposure to bullying: Talent alone is not enough

2023-08-14 03:37:22 Actress Ahed Deeb revealed that she tried to invest in a profession close to art, in addition to her acting work, which is to supervise training courses for acting talents. And “Deeb” confirmed, during her conversation with “Fuchsia”, that she is with academic study and continuous research, and always prefers to study, because … Read more

In a white swimsuit.. The famous Syrian star “Al-Arbaji” appears as a champion athlete. Watch her swimming skill (video)

2023-07-17 07:14:26 The Syrian star, Dima Kandalaft, published a video through her account on the Instagram application. And Dima appeared while swimming in a white swimsuit in an Olympic swimming pool. It is known that Dima is a skilled swimmer, and she has been practicing this sport since her childhood, and she often publishes videos … Read more

In a swimsuit.. The famous Syrian actress appears as a professional athlete. Watch what she did (video)

2023-06-27 07:35:15 Actress Dima Kandalaft posted a video on her Instagram account. And Dima appeared in a swimsuit inside an Olympic pool, while she was practicing her favorite sport. Dima drew attention as she put a bottle of water on her head while swimming. It is known that Dima is a good swimmer and has … Read more

Fulfilling the Hajj Dream: Syrian Pilgrim with Injury and Amputated Feet Expresses Joy at Free Hajj Sponsored by Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd

2023-06-26 16:42:39 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Syrian pilgrim with an eye injury and two amputated feet expressed his joy at fulfilling his dream to perform the Hajj, among the injured in Syria at the expense of Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd. And he said during a video clip while crying: “We ask God Almighty to raise your … Read more

The famous Syrian artist reveals her real age…and did she undergo plastic surgery?

2023-06-04 20:00:05 The Syrian actress, Marah Jabr, revealed her real age, and confirmed that she had not undergone any plastic surgery, and that the beauty she enjoyed was natural. Jabr responded via the Al-Story feature on “Instagram” to questions posed to her by her followers, including the criticisms of her participation in the series “Smile, … Read more