he tackles Georges-Louis Bouchez, “the dream of the MR is to reform a government with them”

Invited on the set of RTL info Signatures this Wednesday, Paul Magnette reacted to recent Flemish polls, placing the N-VA and Vlaams Belang in the lead, with 45% of the vote. For the mayor of Charleroi, this is a “worrying” situation. “It’s worrying, indeed. It worries me a lot that a far-right party, one of … Read more

What is the driving force behind Overwatch 2’s positive reviews?

[게임플] Overwatch 2, which celebrated its first weekend after its release, is receiving positive responses. Overwatch 2’s share of PC rooms was 8.99% based on Gametrix on the 11th. It ranks third after League of Legends and FIFA Online 4. Considering the figures before the start of Early Access, a dramatic change in market share … Read more

The Crimean bridge has been obscured – Newspaper Kommersant No. 188 (7389) dated 10/11/2022

Work to restore traffic on the Crimean bridge continues. Trains run on the same track in the usual schedule, the movement of cars in both directions is organized along the undamaged auto lane. Freight traffic is promised to be restored from October 16, but for now the trucks arrive in Crimea by ferry: two of … Read more

Al-Ahly has the right to prevent you.. Al-Sheikhi surprises Al-Faraj with his response to Al-Ittihad’s popular tweet!

Al-Marsad Sports: Sports critic Mohammed Al-Sheikhi surprised the media, Walid Al-Faraj, by his response to the latter’s tweet regarding the popularity of Al-Ittihad club if he succeeded in achieving the league title. Al-Farraj wrote through his official Twitter account: “If Al-Ittihad achieved the league and its stands continued to be crowded, it would completely control … Read more

Famous South Korean composer and singer Don Spike was arrested by the police on suspicion of drug use!Wrote songs for SJ EXO_Guo Mingdong_Popularity_Lee Seung-hwan

2022-09-27 14:43 source: Sohu Korean Entertainment Original title: The famous South Korean composer and singer Don Spike was arrested by the police on suspicion of drug use!Wrote songs for SJ EXO South Korean singer-songwriter Don Spike has been arrested by police on suspicion of repeated drug use. This morning, the media broke the news that … Read more

TV Asahi POST » Natsume (Ryohei Abe) & Kasumi (Tina Tamashiro) finally complete their growth story! “NICE CONTROL!” final episode

Friday night drama starring Yuta TamamoriNICE FLIGHT!A spin-off drama born from『NICE CONTROL!』。 ©TV Asahi/MMJ The main character is Yukihiro Natsume, an air traffic controller played by Ryohei Abe from Snow Man, and the story depicts the growth of Kasumi Kawahara (Tina Tamashiro), a trainee air traffic controller who is a junior to Natsume. Today, September … Read more