who are the most loved leaders –

The portfolio of political leaders towards the European elections sees Giorgia Meloni firmly in the lead with 43.7%, unchanged compared to last week, followed by Antonio Tajani with 34.8% (+0.1%) and Giuseppe Conte with 30, 8% (+0.3%, the largest increase among all the leaders, albeit limited). This is what emerges from a Dire-Tecnè survey with … Read more

“In the argument between Conte and Schlein the center-right wins” –

Livio Gigliuto (Piepoli Institute) Pietro De Leo April 11, 2024 Giuseppe Conte’s justicialist attack on Elly Schlein and the Democratic Party, the derby for the leadership of the centre-left. addressed all this, with Livio Gigliuto, Executive President of the Piepoli Institute. Conte is pressing Elly Schlein with the grip of the moral question. Will this … Read more

the balance changes – Time

The clash over the process of the possible commissionership, the storm over the embarrassing stories of the governor Michele Emiliano. The new investigation into bought votes in two small municipalities. The Apulian trouble undermines the Democratic Party and explodes the broad camp launched in Sardinia with the 5 Star Movement, with Giuseppe Conte who pulled … Read more