The battle of the European elections can be victorious for PASOK – 2024-05-19 09:02:48

The opposite leaders of the opposition events additionally proceed their excursions and speeches forward of the European elections. Nikos Androulakis is touring Pella and Imathia. The alliance with the KKE was repeated from Thessaloniki by Dimitris Koutsoumbas. Kyriakos Velopoulos requested for the repeal of the Prespa Settlement. The battle of the European elections is existential, … Read more

The pre-election fever is on, which candidates are coming to Patras – 2024-05-13 19:32:43

Less than a month remains, now, for the European elections of June 9 and the visits of MEP candidates to our region are constantly increasing. As far as her camp is concerned New Republic, Nikos Naoumis was found in Patras yesterday, in the context of the gathering of the DEEP Achaia, under the coordinator of … Read more

In “P” the ND MP candidate Giorgos Mouroutis – 2024-05-12 22:04:47

Interview with DIMITRIS TRIANTAFYLLOPOULOS Born in Athens (1972) and originally from the Peloponnese, is a publisher, journalist (director of commentator, founder of AΦens Bookstore Publications,, executive of En Lefko), with long experience in the Communication of large multinationals and companies (McCann Erickson, Cosmote, Pfizer, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Nokia etc.). In 2009, he took … Read more

KKE: European elections and TEE in the cadre – 2024-05-11 17:59:44

The KKE was the first party to unofficially open the pre-election period for the June 9 European elections with the descent and speech of the party’s general secretary Dimitris Koutsoubas in January. Entering the final stretch for the polls, the Sectoral Committee of Achaia of the Communist Party organizes a series of gatherings and events … Read more

In “P” the deputy of Achaia of “Niki” Spyros Tsironis: “The Mitsotakis meeting should be canceled – 2024-05-10 20:11:40

Interview with KOSTAS LAMPROPOULOS Attack on the prime minister and the government launched, yesterday, the deputy of Achaia of “Niki” Spyros Tsironis on the occasion of the stance they have taken on the issue of the conversion by Turkey of the Monastery of Chora into a mosque, some 24 hours before the party’s event in … Read more