“Absurdity and stupidity” – residents decided to tell the harsh truth

“Finally we decided to tell the harsh truth: Rail Baltica will “find” the money simply by not building Rail Baltica in Riga. And let there be no misunderstandings – there really won’t be “Rail Baltica” in Riga! You will need to take a bus to Salaspils to take the train to Europe. Absurdity and stupidity,” … Read more

The EU has found a compromise with the import of Ukrainian food (VIDEO)

European Union ambassadors have reached an agreement to extend tariff-free food imports from Ukraine with a “balanced approach between supporting Ukraine and protecting EU agricultural markets,” Belgian authorities, which currently holds the EU presidency, said. The agreement will now be sent to the European Parliament for approval with a view to “rapid agreement,” Brussels said. … Read more

Pope Francis calls for peace in Gaza: Vatican’s humanitarian plea for an end to Israel’s war and Hamas attacks

2023-11-12 14:26:49 Vatican: Pope Francis calls for an end to Israel’s war on Gaza and Hamas attacks. “Stop the wars… They will never bring peace. Let the conflict not spread further. Enough… Enough brothers, enough!” The Pope said during a prayer at the Vatican. He called for aid to those injured in the Israeli attack … Read more

Will Belgium See the First Snowflakes This Weekend? Weather Forecast and Updates

2023-11-08 10:50:07 It will be even cooler this weekend in Belgium and the passage of an area of ​​rain could cause the first snowflakes to fall on the heights. We say “could”… Photo News By the editorial team Published on 07/11/2023 at 1:48 p.m. A few weeks ago, we asked Philippe Miévis, the meteorologist from … Read more

This is how Wael Jassar described what is happening in Gaza: Enough!

2023-10-21 18:00:29 Artist Wael Jassar expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, hoping that the war will stop and peace will prevail. In an exclusive interview with “Fuchsia,” Jassar asked: “What is the fault of these children? They have no fault except that they were born in Palestine, their land, which … Read more

Multinational Enterprises: Shanghai’s business environment has given foreign-funded enterprises sufficient confidence

2023-10-16 04:48:15 Share to WeChat Open WeChat and click “Discover” at the bottom.Use “Scan” to share web pages to your circle of friends. China Business News 2023-10-16 12:46:58 listen to news Editor: Hao Yunying The 35th Shanghai Mayor’s International Entrepreneurs Advisory Meeting was held yesterday, and a press conference was held after the meeting. At … Read more

Bahraini artist “Shaila Sabt” breaks down in tears because her followers criticize her for not getting married • Al-Marsad newspaper

2023-09-10 22:48:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: Bahraini artist and model Shaila Sabt collapsed in tears during a live broadcast on her personal account on the “Tik Tok” platform, because she was criticized by her followers for not being married yet. Shaila responded to the negative comments she was subjected to, saying: “By God, it is a shame. … Read more

A Syrian actress reveals her exposure to bullying: Talent alone is not enough

2023-08-14 03:37:22 Actress Ahed Deeb revealed that she tried to invest in a profession close to art, in addition to her acting work, which is to supervise training courses for acting talents. And “Deeb” confirmed, during her conversation with “Fuchsia”, that she is with academic study and continuous research, and always prefers to study, because … Read more