How Kylie and Kendall Jenner inspired Australian plastic surgery trends

By Ciara O’loughlin For Daily Mail Australia 05:00 19 Mar 2023, updated 05:00 19 Mar 2023 One of Australia’s top cosmetic surgeons has revealed how Kylie and Kendall Jenner have influenced young women Down Under to pursue two very different looks. Dr Kourosh Tavakol said that while plastic surgery has seen many trends come and … Read more

The habits with which Bill Gates became a billionaire

Curiosities Check out these five habits that made Bill Gates one of the billionaire people. By Christian Latorre 18/03/2023 – 17:16hs CLT © Getty ImagesKnow the habits with which Bill Gates became a billionaire The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gatesis known worldwide for having created the MS-DOS operating system, later known as Windows and for … Read more

Niño arrives on stage fulfills his dream singing with Amanda Miguel | Videos | TikTok | Mexico | nnda nnrt | MEXICO

A few months ago, TikTok caught ‘Mutt‘, a boy of Mexicosinging with feeling a song by Amanda Miguel that, immediately, became viral. However, the little one never thought that the Argentine artist would not only invite him to her concert, but that they would share the stage performing together “castles”, being again on everyone’s lips. … Read more

Here are 5 (very) useful fruits against constipation

Do you tend to be constipated? Your orchard can help you. Indeed, some fruits very rich in fiber have a recognized laxative effect. Here is a selection of fruits to pick when you want to facilitate your intestinal transit. My doctor advised me to eat fruit for my transit: but which ones should I choose? … Read more

The United States and Russia Balance of Strength and Weakness in the Central European War.. By / / Omar Naguib

According to a report published in the US capital, Washington, on February 25, 2023: Russia, on the one hand, and Ukraine and its allies, on the other, have vowed to keep fighting a war with no end in sight, according to a New York Times news report. This coincides with the first anniversary of the … Read more