Almost four years after the Relotius scandal: again doubts about “Spiegel” reports politics

“At this point there was an article about the fate of a group of refugees on the Greek-Turkish border river Evros in the summer of 2022. There are now doubts about the previous description of what happened at that time.” Instead of an article, readers currently find this reference when they enter the URL of … Read more

The “housewife’s basket”, a price offer from supermarkets imposed by the Greek government

Faced with inflation that exceeds 12%, the Greek government is setting up this Wednesday the “housewife’s basket”, until March. All major retail chains are required to offer a “food basket” consisting of 51 basic products ranging from flour to pasta, diapers to hygiene and cleaning products, etc. at discounted prices. “For example, there are these … Read more

Ukraine News: ++ First German armored personnel carriers delivered to Greece ++

IAs part of the ring exchange between Athens and Berlin, the first six German Marder 1A3 armored personnel carriers have arrived in Greece. This was announced by the Greek general staff on Tuesday. The vehicles had been delivered the day before, it said. Greece is to receive a total of 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles. … Read more

Iran government strongly restrains protest demonstration as “enemy conspiracy” and fear of repression | Reuters

Iran’s military has said it will “stand up to the enemy’s machinations” behind protests over the wearing of scarves on women’s hair. With the authorities issuing stronger warnings than ever before, it could lead to crackdowns similar to those of past demonstrations. People participate in a government-organized demonstration in the capital Tehran on the same … Read more