Jimi Hendrix, legendary comic book hero this fall

Two books evoke the chaotic and dazzling journey of the guitarist, who would have turned 80 in November. They appear in September and October. Presentation. He would have been 80 in November: Jimi Hendrix, a legendary guitarist who literally set his instrument on fire on stage, is setting comics ablaze with two books scheduled for … Read more

Top 10 popular rankings for “Summer drama for July 2022” announced / September 24, 2022-Page 1-Drama-News

Crank in! will conduct a popularity poll for the “summer drama” broadcast in the July 2022 period. The top 10 popular dramas chosen by readers have been revealed. [Photo]”July 2022 summer drama popularity ranking” performer photo gallery The result of this time is crank-in! Conducted the “Summer Drama Popularity Vote” questionnaire for 5 days from … Read more

God prophesied!He has long drawn the drone to enter the outer islands and said with a smile on the net: The Communist Army is acting according to the cartoon-Life- Liberty Times Newsletter

God prophesied! He had drawn the drone’s invasion of the outer islands long ago, and the net said with a smile: The Communist army practiced according to the cartoon. (The picture is taken from Liang Shaoxian’s Facebook and synthesized by this newspaper.) 2022/08/24 22:01 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Recently, Chinese drones have been harassing the outlying islands … Read more

Pre-registration of “Little Sister in Chief” opens today- Hong Kong mobile game network GameApps.hk

This Jianghu is a bit sweet, “Little Junior Sister in Chief” pre-login is open today Gameone Group Limited officially announced today that its mobile game “Little Sister in Chief” is currently in the final preparation stage and is expected to be launched on dual-platform stores in the near future. Pre-registration will be officially launched today! … Read more

Jean-Jacques Sempé, the father of Petit Nicolas, died at the age of 89

DISAPPEARANCE – The cartoonist died Thursday, in his vacation home, said Marc Lecarpentier, his biographer and friend. Here, Sempé is no more. He will no longer shoot his Indian arrow-shaped features that often touched our hearts. France mourns the death of the father of Little Nicholas. His lines were verses, his drawings were writing poems. … Read more

Start today at 15:00 “THE MUSIC DAY” Timetable Masaki Suda, YOSHIKI and others first appearance / July 2, 2022 Page 1 –Entertainment –News

Live music special program “THE MUSIC DAY” (NTV) from 15:00 today. Sho Sakurai, who will be the 10th time this year, will serve as the general moderator, and Shinichi Hatori, Bakarhythm, Asami Miura, and Rena Ichiki will appear in the next gate to liven up the live broadcast. [Photo]Masaki Suda first appeared in “THE MUSIC … Read more