CDMX will install electronic ballot boxes in 44 special boxes

In the election day of Sunday, June 2in the Mexico City with they will install electronic ballot boxes in the 44 special spaces. These ballot boxes will receive votes for the elections of the Presidency of the Republicfederal councils and senators, as well as for the Head of Government, mayors and local councils.

During the meeting between the counselors of the Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM)the president of the institute, Patricia Avendañohighlighted that ‘lElectronic ballot boxes represent the future of elections in Mexico City.

The importance was highlighted that the citizens know how these ballot boxes work and the security measures implemented to guarantee the secrecy of the citizen vote.

Electronic ballot box will facilitate counting

Daniel Flores Góngora, Director of Statistics and Electoral Documentation of the INEpresented the model and operation of the Electronic Ballot Boxes v.7.0an ambitious bet by electoral body national that has had successful results in four electoral processes at the local level.

For her part, the president advisor of the local council of the INE in Mexico City, María Luisa Flores Huertaexplained that the Electronic Ballot Boxes v.7.0 will facilitate the counting of votes in an agile and simple way.

Electronic Ballot Boxes version 7.0

Finally, he reiterated the importance of knowing how the electronic ballot boxes and be able to discuss its characteristics, security measures, the format of the electronic ticketsthe average voting time, the methods of counting and recounting votes, among other aspects.

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2024-04-10 03:41:38

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