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2023-12-16 19:38:00

Original title: 365 pages of smiles

Ma Xingyu

I called my grandma and told her not to buy calendars for next year. I would buy them online for her. Grandma said that she had bought it from the “2 Yuan Supermarket” in the market. Hurry up and hurry up, but you still can’t catch up to grandma. I didn’t need to look at it to know that the hand-shred calendar with one page per day that my grandma bought must be the “Old Almanac” with auspicious days printed on it.

In fact, grandma is not superstitious. Most of the cheap hand-shred calendars on the market are of this style. In the early years, everyone used to tear calendars by hand, and the calendars at that time were also very “curly”. Before December arrives, people on the market start selling calendars for a few cents each. They not only compete in size and price, but also in content. Some focus on humor and jokes, while others have themes such as quizzes, food, life tips, etc. .

If you buy a calendar to read as a book, of course you have to choose one that you like. Later, when mobile phones became popular, the main consumer group of this old-fashioned calendar was probably the elderly. Grandma buys an “Old Almanac” early every year. As her reading ability weakens, she uses the calendar to its fullest potential. She uses the calendar as a ledger to tell which day she paid the electricity bill and which day she bought peanut oil. She just jots down the dates. The truth is easy to check.

Some time ago, my best friend spent 99 yuan to buy a comic calendar online. It is a new calendar published by a cartoonist. It has pictures and text, and is humorous. It is a healing calendar that can be read over and over again. My best friend is a comic book fan. She said that reading a comic every day and reading a few lines of inspiring words will make her feel better.

Moreover, my best friend also uses the calendar as a ledger and writes a few entries on the back of the calendar every day. She wants to record one happy little thing every day. Although life is fast-paced and work pressure is high, there are also light and beautiful things to record. After one year, she is a spiritual rich man with 365 happy things.

So, I also bought a calendar online and sent it to my grandma. In the past, when I bought things, I was afraid that my grandma would say I was wasteful, so I always lied about the price. This time, I won’t lie. I am paid for my internship. I told my grandma the actual price, and as expected, she got a lot of comments like “Oh, what a waste, it’s a waste of money, what can I buy with this money?”

I know my grandma won’t record her life every day like my best friend does, so I just let her follow her own habits and use a calendar. At least turn a new page of the calendar every day and see interesting comics and words full of life wisdom, which will make you smile.

My dad said that after grandma received the calendar, she was nagging at the same time as she read it, saying that I was spending money recklessly and that I couldn’t live a good life, but there was a smile on my face that I couldn’t hide.

I have thought about it. In the new year, I will call my grandma every day to ask her what cartoons she drew and what words she wrote on the calendar today, and then tell her a little happy thing about me that day. Only when your heart is filled with little stars will your life be bright.

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