Mitsotakis from Brussels: No agreement with Ukraine, I would not sign anything in crypto – 2024-03-23 12:56:09

The European Union Summit in Brussels has concluded with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis making statements. Among other things, Mr. Mitsotakis clarified that there is no agreement between Greece and Ukraine for the protection of the warring country’s airspace, saying that these are not serious matters and that he would not sign anything in secret. “Greece … Read more

Brussels: Bed bugs were found in a student residence | World: News and News from around the World – 2024-03-20 00:27:17

Peloponnese Newsroom According to information from the website Bruzz, republished by the newspaper “Le Soir”, bed bugs were found in a student residence of the VUB university (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) in Brussels. “We discovered seven rooms with bed bugs out of the 1,500 rooms we offer. The rooms are not all in the same complex, … Read more

Puigdemont exhibits his negotiation with the PSOE to break into the Catalan electoral pre-campaign | Elections in Catalonia 12-M

Carles Puigdemont plans to reveal over the next week whether he agrees to be the Junts per Catalunya candidate for the Catalan elections on May 12. Internally, at JxCat there is little doubt that the former president will be the headliner and the commitment to give all the relevance to Puigdemont is total. To get … Read more

Political day of March 13, 2024 | Aragonès: “The parties that have caused these Budgets to not come out must assume their responsibility” | Spain

Aragonès: “The parties that have caused these budgets to fail must assume their responsibility” The acting president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, has assured that he has been negotiating with all the Catalan political groups to move forward with the Budgets, which were finally not approved this morning in the absence of a … Read more

New information on Duda’s plane crash. This is what the return from the USA looked like

On Wednesday, the Chancellery of the President confirmed the “Fakt” reports about a defect in the Boeing 737 in which Andrzej Duda was traveling. The on-board monitor system for the crew suffered a minor failure. According to procedures, the plane returned to Poland, but could not take passengers on board. Presidential plane crash. The spare … Read more

Economic prospects in the EU continue to deteriorate 2024-02-16 17:21:29

DThe EU Commission has a similarly pessimistic view of the German economy as the Federal Minister of Economics. In its winter forecast published on Thursday, the Brussels authority still expects real gross domestic product (GDP) to grow by 0.3 percent this year, i.e. practically stagnation. This means that it is correcting its forecast from November … Read more

Profile | Camilo Villarino, a “very discreet” and “loyal” diplomat who is good at “calming the waters” | Spain

His colleagues and several of his bosses describe Camilo Villarino as “a discreet man”, “extremely professional and hard-working” and “with a great sense of responsibility and duty”. This career diplomat who will replace Jaime Alfonsín at the head of the King’s House has served as Chief of Staff to three very diverse Foreign Ministers and … Read more

The socialists choose the Luxembourger Schmit to lead the campaign for the European elections |

Luxembourger Nicolas Schmit will be the candidate of the European Socialists to lead the campaign for the elections on June 9. The current Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights will be proclaimed spitzenkandidat, the German word used to indicate the head of the list of political families in the EU who, in theory, is eligible … Read more