Juan Antonio Cinto: The president of the Valencian canoeing federation dies in an accident while training | Sports

The president of the Valencian canoeing federation, Juan Antonio Cinto, died this Thursday after falling into the Santa Quiteria reservoir, in the municipality of Almassora (Castellón). The 66-year-old leader was training with his brother when the accident occurred. It all happened around 5:00 p.m., which was when the emergency services received the first call. Upon … Read more

Real Madrid loses Antonio Rüdiger for two weeks and is left without pure centre-backs against Girona | Soccer | Sports

PreviousLiveChronicle The bad news happens in the center of Madrid’s defense. The club announced this Saturday, five hours before facing Girona (6:30 p.m., DAZN), that Antonio Rüdiger suffers a muscle injury to the vastus lateralis of his left thigh. The first medical estimates point to a loss of about two weeks, which would leave him … Read more

Minister of Education Appeals for the Protection of Lebanon’s Schools: Here’s What He Demands

2023-10-24 19:05:07 Minister of Education Abbas Al-Halabi sends an appeal to Guterres… and this is what he demanded Source : the new date of publication : 24 Oct 2023 Minister of Education Abbas Al-Halabi sends an appeal to Guterres… and this is what he demanded Source : the new date of publication : Tuesday, October … Read more

UN Secretary General Guterres Criticizes Israel’s Actions: Putting Hamas Terror into Perspective

2023-10-24 16:47:07 Israel ambassador abroad “shocked” UN Secretary General Guterres puts Hamas terror into perspective – “Not in a vacuum” As of: 7:19 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Guterres criticizes Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip The Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, caused outrage at the Israeli ambassador in New York. His … Read more

Unveiling the True Character: The Shocking Reality of Antonio Gava’s Provocative Video Collection

2023-10-07 04:54:00 “In fact, this inscription completely reflects the character. During the reconstruction, he said he was sorry for having caused the accident. In reality, he doesn’t care at all. He doesn’t have the slightest remorse. I could understand if he wanted to start his life over. But not like that… It’s provocation. He struts … Read more

The emotional story of Antonio, the little street dog who received a unique transformation

2023-09-29 11:45:38 A TikTok shared by Doggi Style, a dog grooming salon, captured the attention of thousands of people. The main protagonist is Antonio, a stray dog ​​who was in the business area. One day, the owners of Doggi Style decided to give Antonio the treatment that they give other dogs every day. He finally … Read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Fernand Stiévenart, Doctor and Dedicated Volunteer at the Dour Festival

2023-07-12 18:03:00 Fernand, a doctor, has been a volunteer for the Dour Festival since the beginning: “I met Carlo Di Antonio in 1989” The organization of a huge event like the Dour Festival requires above all a large number of volunteers! Meeting with Fernand Stiévenart, one of the oldest. Fernand Stiévenart is a volunteer. – … Read more

“Rumors of Fight Between Player and Coach in Unión Magdalena-Millonarios Match: What Really Happened?”

2023-04-24 01:06:49 Carlos Antonio Vélez mentioned in the broadcast the alleged fight between the player and the coach. Ricardo ‘Caballo’ Marquez He was one of the great absentees in the tie (1-1) between Unión Magdalena and Millonarios this Sunday for date 15 of the Betplay League I-2023. The player with a past in Millionaires was … Read more