Antonio Zapatero, the former Deputy Minister of Health, the key to closing the conflict between Madrid doctors

More than a hundred days of strike, fourteen fruitless meetings and finally a verbal preliminary agreement that materialized in the signing of a commitment. A very long road from the first demands of 10 minutes per patient and more doctors, to the limits of patients per day and doctor and the compensation supplements that have … Read more

Antonio Panzeri wants to make Marc Tarabella dive

Marc Tarabella was to receive a total of 250,000 euros. This is what we learn from the minutes of the hearings of Pier Antonio Panzeri before the Central Office for the Repression of Corruption (OCRC) dated February 2 and 13, as well as other documents from the investigation file of the corruption affair in the … Read more

Antonio, 14, dies after being discharged from Hornu hospital: emergency doctor found guilty

On November 28, 2015, Antonio, a 14-year-old teenager, was sent home after a visit to the emergency room of the EpiCURA hospital in Hornu. of videos The teenager felt unwell, he had chills and his temperature was high. The emergency doctor gave him an aspirin and an anxiolytic, considering that it was the beginning of … Read more

U20 national football 10 people 0-1 UAE two warm-up matches are of higher quality Antonio is satisfied with the result – yqqlm

Original title: U20 national football 10 people 0-1 UAE two warm-up matches are of higher quality Antonio is satisfied with the result Do you want to receive such sports information and commentary every day? Please click Follow in the upper right corner of this article, thank you for your support. In the middle of the … Read more

Risto Mejide breaks five sculptures that represent the worst of 2022 with a hammer 01/01/2023 10:47h. Risto Mejide, Mariló Montero, Antonio Castelo and Virginia Riezu break five ice sculptures with a hammer that represent the worst of 2022. They say goodbye to 2022 with a hammer The sculptures were made of three tons of ice. They represented the invasion of Ukraine, the coronavirus, the rise in prices, climate … Read more

Carlos Antonio Vélez responds to protection won by Rafael Santos Borré | strong words | football curiosities

Carlos Antonio Vélez complied with the sentence of a court in Bogotá and retracted on air a comment he made in July of this year about Rafael Santos Borré and his wife, Ana Caicedo. The footballer of Eintracht Frankfurt and the Colombian National Team, filed a guardianship and won it. So the journalist had to … Read more