Tony Nemer, a Geological Expert, Assures Public that Tremors are Not a Cause for Increased Concern.

Dr. Tony Nemer, a geology researcher, reported on Twitter that a tremor with a magnitude of 3.9 occurred between Syria and Cyprus, as per information from the Euro-Mediterranean center. The tremor was around 75 km away from another tremor that took place the previous day near the Syrian coast and approximately 250 km from a … Read more

The aftershocks of the Silicon Valley storm hang over the future of solar energy in America

Sourceagencies The sudden collapse of the Silicon Valley bank sent shock waves through the entire financial sector and marked the biggest bank failure since the 2008 financial crisis. As the only publicly traded bank focused on Silicon Valley and startups for 4 decades, the rapid crash has rattled the venture capital community and left climate … Read more

the CEO of the electricity company expelled earlier than expected

The resigning CEO of the South African public electricity company Eskom, undermined by scandals and unable to supply the country, was ousted from his post on Wednesday, Eskom announced in a press release. Andre de Ruyter, Eskom’s CEO since 2020, announced his resignation in December but was expected to stay on until the end of … Read more

Teachers’ Associations and Al-Halabi: Dismantling the strike with a “productivity allowance in pounds”

Source: the cities Writer: Walid Hussein Pending a government session to approve the five liters of petrol for teachers, public schools will remain closed. A government session may be held next Monday to discuss paying production allowance compensation to public sector employees, with the exception of professors who will receive a productivity allowance in dollars. … Read more

Why did Kim Jong-un show his daughter the rocket?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un brought his daughter to inspect the missile. AFP photo The little girl is training to be her successor, showing the military potential of the DPRK to her, to understand its strategy towards the US, Japan and South Korea, and learning how to manage it. management of the country’s nuclear potential, … Read more

Zelensky spoke to European leaders and left a warning to Putin

The presidents of France and Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron and Volodimir Zelensky respectively, will travel together on Thursday morning from Paris to Brussels to participate in the European Union summit. This small European tour is Zelensky’s second outing of Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24, 2022. In December he traveled to Washington and … Read more