These are the women who are satisfied with insults in order to remain a trend because they have no talent – video • Al-Marsad newspaper

2023-10-28 07:50:59 Al-Marsad newspaper: Media personality Mai Al-Eidan mocked the appearance of Egyptian media personality Bossi Shalabi. Through a video clip, in which I mentioned, Bossi Shalabi chooses a hat with a different and strange design, announcing that she will wear it at the nearest art festival. Bossi appeared in a hat with a strange … Read more

Meet Zhang Ziyu: The 16-year-old Talented Basketball Prodigy with Incredible Height and Big Hands

2023-09-16 16:28:00 Original title: The 16-year-old girl Yao Ming has another talent and is 2.28 meters tall. She was born with big hands and is a treasure of women’s basketball that has not yet been discovered. 16-year-old Zhang Ziyu recently performed at a dominant level again at the National Youth Student Games, and photos of … Read more

Director of Research Programs and Innovation at Anas Al-Hunaihin Talent: Mawhiba’s “Mawhoob” Program for Saudi Students – Registering, Conditions, and Fields of Participation

2023-08-19 05:38:16 Director of Research Programs and Innovation at Anas Al-Hunaihin Talent Anas Al-Hunahin, Director of Research and Innovation Programs at Mawhiba, said that testing mental abilities is not a condition for student registration in the “Mawhoob” program. Al-Hunaihin added, in an intervention to Al-Ikhbariya channel, that the basic conditions for registering in the “Mawhoob” … Read more

Mariko Yamazaki: AV Controversy and Political Career in Shinko, Osaka

2023-08-16 02:34:27 Mariko Yamazaki, a local councilor in Shinko, Osaka, Japan, was dug up by the Japanese media to have participated in AV filming in the past. The picture shows the Japanese election data screen, not the person involved. (Schematic / shutterstock) The 39-year-old Osaka District Councilor Yamazaki Mariko was revealed to have worked as … Read more

A Syrian actress reveals her exposure to bullying: Talent alone is not enough

2023-08-14 03:37:22 Actress Ahed Deeb revealed that she tried to invest in a profession close to art, in addition to her acting work, which is to supervise training courses for acting talents. And “Deeb” confirmed, during her conversation with “Fuchsia”, that she is with academic study and continuous research, and always prefers to study, because … Read more

The Chairman of the Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, Supports the National Hobbyist Campaign: Discover the Culture of Hobbies!

2023-08-10 21:20:42 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Chairman of the Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, interacted with the awareness campaign launched by the National Portal for Hobbies “Hobbyist”, which aims to spread the culture of hobbies and raise awareness about them. And “Al-Sheikh” published the advertisement for the campaign, revealing 3 of his most favorite hobbies: “I have … Read more

The Warriors’ Trial Training List: New Signings Revealed for the 2023 NBA Season

2023-08-09 01:17:00 2023-08-09 09:17 Source: NBA wide angle Original title: The Warriors will try out a number of free agents, two veterans will lead the former genius center in the list On August 9th, Beijing time, according to a report by TA reporter Shams, multiple sources revealed the list of free agents that the Warriors … Read more