Mariko Yamazaki: AV Controversy and Political Career in Shinko, Osaka

2023-08-16 02:34:27

Mariko Yamazaki, a local councilor in Shinko, Osaka, Japan, was dug up by the Japanese media to have participated in AV filming in the past. The picture shows the Japanese election data screen, not the person involved. (Schematic / shutterstock)

The 39-year-old Osaka District Councilor Yamazaki Mariko was revealed to have worked as an AV actress, and the cool photos of her wearing only a swimsuit were also circulated on the Internet. However, she herself denied acting in AV and was not a sexy idol, emphasizing that she had only acted in acting . AV expert “Yijian Huanchunqiu” pointed out yesterday (15th) that Mariko Yamazaki did participate in AV filming work, but she did not do it herself, so she is not an AV actress.

Japan’s “Weekly Bunshun” reported at the beginning of the month that the 39-year-old Japanese Restoration Council member Yamazaki Mariko, who won the election for the first time in Osaka local elections in April this year, has appeared in AVs under the stage name “Yazaki Makoto” in the past.出てみませんか!?”, this video was titled “Challenging the Limits of Pornography”, and the article pointed out that there were “extreme scenes” in the film.

In response to the weekly news, Mariko Yamazaki was interviewed and denied that she is an AV actress or a sexy actress, emphasizing that she is doing “swimsuit and artist work”. She also admitted that she participated in the filming of the above-mentioned AV work, but felt that the statement in the report was “somewhat wrong”.

When Mariko Yamazaki was a photo actress, she participated in weight-loss programs because of her rounder figure. (The source of the video is Youtube, please forgive me if it is deleted)

In response to the revelation that Mariko Yamazaki had appeared in an AV, the AV expert “Yi Jian Huan Chunqiu” wrote an article on the “PLAYNO.か!?” This AV film was filmed. At that time, the film studio invited 3 photo actresses, including Yamazaki Mariko, to the AV shooting scene, allowing them to watch the AV filming process and observe their reactions, but in fact Mariko Yamazaki did not act in person, so strictly speaking, Mariko Yamazaki is not an AV actress, but only participated in the filming.

Yijian Huanchunqiu also posted passionate clips during the shooting of the film in the article. The scenes are quite hot and explicit. When the three invited actresses including Yamazaki Mariko watched from the sidelines, their expressions were quite dignified.

Mariko Yamazaki was born in Ibaraki City, Osaka, and moved to Tokyo at the age of 18. She is engaged in the entertainment and beauty industries. In an interview with “Weekly Bunshun”, she said that she almost died when she contracted new coronary pneumonia, which completely changed her outlook on life. Due to insufficient understanding of social insurance , so determined to study, in 2020 she returned to Osaka to join the political circle, served as the secretary of Ikeshita Taku, a representative of the Japanese Restoration Society, and won the councilor election in Takatsuki City in April this year.

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Article Source: Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi’s ‶ Sexy Yoga “where a new female city council member appeared in an AV work…

Article Source:real or fake? This Japanese congressman not only has an F cup but also filmed AV?

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