Is it possible to make money on the weakening of the ruble

2023-09-06 13:21:27 In the normal state of the Russian stock market, good months alternate with bad ones, especially when there are high geopolitical risks. But this year, a number of factors keep the growth from stopping. First, in the first half of the year, the normalization of the activities of companies after the infrastructure and … Read more

University of La Rioja: Meeting Society’s Demands and Changing the Face of the Campus

2023-09-03 11:57:46 With a week in advance, the University of La Rioja begins a year tomorrow with a “historic demand” for applications and with many commitments on the horizon that will change the face of the Logroño campus. Juan Carlos Ayala, rector of the UR, wants to achieve “a balanced university, with an offer that … Read more

Belinda’s Harassment Case: Exposing a Four-Year Nightmare in the Province of Liège

2023-09-03 15:26:41 According to Belinda, the problems started four years ago, since her involvement in the Yellow Vests movement. She explains that she was moved from service to service as if to be pushed out. His media appearances have multiplied, which would not have pleased his general management. A situation which has obviously led to … Read more

Funeral of Domenico D’Atria in Herstal: Dignified Visits and Limited Police Presence

2023-08-24 17:21:17 This Friday morning, the funeral of Domenico D’atria will take place in Herstal. Since Tuesday, the 30-year-old has been resting at the Besem funeral home, place Licourt, where visits took place until Thursday, 7 p.m. Visits that took place with dignity, says Jean-Louis Lefèbvre, mayor. ** *********** *** ******* ****** ** ****** ** … Read more

Mariko Yamazaki: AV Controversy and Political Career in Shinko, Osaka

2023-08-16 02:34:27 Mariko Yamazaki, a local councilor in Shinko, Osaka, Japan, was dug up by the Japanese media to have participated in AV filming in the past. The picture shows the Japanese election data screen, not the person involved. (Schematic / shutterstock) The 39-year-old Osaka District Councilor Yamazaki Mariko was revealed to have worked as … Read more

Controversial Speed Limit Change on Rue Herbert Penet in Stave Raises Questions about Municipal Authority

2023-08-10 15:30:00 The recent modification of the speed limit on a portion of rue Herbert Penet (N977), in Stave (Mettet), proves that the municipalities do not always have a say. A few months ago, residents suddenly noticed that signs had been changed at the exit of the village. The speed was no longer limited to … Read more