Riyadh School Yard Experiences Rain and Hail, as Reported by Al Marsad Newspaper

A clip was recorded showing rain and light hail in the yard of a school in Riyadh. Some students were seen taking shelter under an umbrella while it rained. Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, a weather researcher, tweeted that Riyadh was currently experiencing winter weather with a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented … Read more

Al-Zal Market in Riyadh Auctioning Off “Rare Mill” in Haraj – Al-Marsad Newspaper

A rare “mixing mill” was recently auctioned at Al-Zal market, Riyadh, as documented in a video clip. The clip featured the famous Shalgham, who is known for auctioning rare items and commodities at the market. He displayed several mixing mills on a table and called for their price, with attendees present to witness the auction. … Read more

A “security” statement regarding the arrest of a citizen who beat his daughters and detained them in Riyadh

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Riyadh police announced directly the incident of violence against girls who were subjected to beatings, detention and ill-treatment by their father, indicating that it provided them with assistance and protection in coordination with the Family Protection Office. The police explained that they had initiated a case of the father’s abuse of his … Read more

The story of the transformation of a homeless citizen into a head of family and an employee • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Muhammad Al-Essa, Executive Director of the National Society for Community Services, Ajwad, narrated the story of a homeless person with schizophrenia becoming a head of a family and an employee after living in a hole in Riyadh. Al-Essa said during his interview with the “Ya Hala” program broadcast on “Rotana Gulf” channel: … Read more

The best way to connect the plumbing pipe network from the tank inside a villa in Riyadh • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A specialist explained a new idea for roof plumbing and presented a practical application on one of the residential villas in King Fahd neighborhood. Expert in plumbing The video documenter said that this idea belongs to a large real estate dealer who specializes in plumbing and has suffered a lot from it for … Read more

Ronaldo leaves his hotel suite and moves to his new palace in Riyadh • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The British newspaper “The Sun” reported on sources that the Portuguese professional player in the ranks of Al-Nasr, Cristiano and Ronaldo, left the hotel in which he was staying with his family to stay in his palace in Riyadh. Ronaldo emerged from his suite at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Kingdom Center before … Read more