Genetic Medicine Consultant Zuhair Rahbini Reveals Risks of Consanguineous Marriage in the Kingdom: Common Diseases and Health Implications

2023-11-25 07:55:51 Al-Marsad newspaper: Genetic medicine consultant Zuhair Rahbini revealed the most common diseases caused by consanguineous marriage in the Kingdom. Rahbini said during his interview on the Sayidaty program that recessive diseases are the most common in the Kingdom, given that the mother and father do not show any symptoms, as they are relatives, … Read more

The Importance of Omega-3 for Memory and Overall Health: Tips from Nutrition Consultant Dr. Bassem Abu Bakr

2023-11-23 07:45:08 Al-Marsad newspaper: Nutrition consultant Dr. Bassem Abu Bakr said that Omega-3 is an anti-inflammatory unsaturated fatty acid. Poor memory Abu Bakr added, in a video clip he posted on “Tik Tok”: The health problems that arise from omega-3 deficiency are “serious,” and include weak memory, problems in the brain in terms of memorization, … Read more

Discover the Health Benefits of Chia Seeds: From Heart Health to Weight Loss

2023-10-22 07:36:09 Al-Marsad newspaper: Chia seeds contain antioxidants, minerals, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Regarding the health benefits of chia seeds, according to the Healthline website: 1- Maintaining heart health: Chia seeds maintain heart health, as they are a source of omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for this organ. Eating them also protects the … Read more

the Interior A and B tournaments, on a last date with much in dispute

2023-10-20 09:22:24 The Interior A and B tournaments, with seven clubs from the Cordovan Rugby Union among their participants, will have this Saturday their last and decisive date of the qualifying stage for both categories and the expectation is great. There are some teams that have already achieved passage, but there is also a lot … Read more

The Most Commonly Spoken Languages in America: English, Spanish, German, and More

2023-09-01 07:00:00 English and Spanish are most commonly spoken in America, with 91.6 per cent of the population speaking either, but the third most popular language variesGerman is the most spoken, outside of English and Spanish, in 13 states- which is more than other languageLess common tongues such as Aleut language, one of two surviving … Read more

“Discover the Health Benefits of Whole Pomegranate Consumption: Lower Blood Sugar and More!

2023-09-15 23:47:48 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi, a specialist in carcinogen research, revealed a common fruit that works to lower blood sugar, and explained how to eat it. He said during a tweet posted on his Twitter account: “The pomegranate is considered one of the best seasonal fruits that combine citrus fruits with fruits with … Read more

Social Media Outrage: Young Men Block Riyadh Street for Filming, Causes Traffic Disruption

2023-09-10 18:45:00 Al-Marsad newspaper: Social media users circulated a video clip that showed 3 young men blocking a street in Riyadh with their cars in order to film, which led to traffic disruption. The video showed 3 cars standing in the middle of Al-Takhasosi Street, after the three young men got out, causing the rest … Read more