In the video.. the Minister of Commerce reveals the reasons for the high prices of some commodities in the Kingdom, other than neighboring countries

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A “consultant” reveals that 90% of the population of the Kingdom suffers from a lack of this vitamin… and explains the reason, “video”

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Hind Al-Qahtani responds to a follower who surprised her with a comment about the presence of an undeclared son of hers who lives in the Kingdom • Al-Marsad Newspaper

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A child is subjected to violence and beatings by his sister in one of the regions in the Kingdom. The hashtag “A girl who abuses her brother” tops the trend

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A story that took place in the south of the Kingdom.. A woman married her cousin a few days after her divorce and gave birth to a son, and when he reached the age of 40, the surprise was!

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A Saudi tourist in London reveals the details of receiving a marriage proposal from a British girl in exchange for traveling with him and living in the Kingdom • Al Marsad Newspaper

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