The Clash on Air: Al-Marsad Newspaper Covers the Heated Exchange Between Sports Critics Hamed Al-Balawi and Sami Al-Hariri

2023-12-20 00:45:00 Al-Marsad newspaper: A sharp exchange broke out on the air between sports critic Hamed Al-Balawi and Sami Al-Hariri due to the Union’s environment, during the episode of the “Action with Walid” program broadcast yesterday evening. The beginning of the sexual intercourse The discussion began with Hariri’s response to Walid Al-Farraj regarding Benzema’s transfer … Read more

Watch… “Al-Sayahid” presenter, Mead Al-Asiri, shows off her beauty in a southern-style dress

2023-12-13 09:51:29 Al-Marsad newspaper: Al-Sayahid program presenter, Mead Al-Asiri, showed off her beauty in a new southern-style dress in a new video clip that she posted on her Snapchat account. Mead Al-Asiri appeared in a tight blue dress designed in the southern style, showing her femininity, and she also showed off the beauty of her … Read more

Watch…the second appearance of artist Nadine Njeim at the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah

2023-12-02 09:39:38 Al-Marsad newspaper: A circulating video clip documented the second appearance of artist Nadine Nassib Njeim on the second day of the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah. Nadine appeared in a black dress with two straps on the shoulders, one thin and the other wide. The dress also had a long opening at … Read more

The Reason Why Airplane Passengers Must Hang Up Their Mobile Phones According to Khaled Tash of Saudi Airlines Group

2023-11-27 19:45:03 Al-Marsad newspaper: Khaled Tash, head of marketing for the Saudi Airlines Group, revealed, during his appearance as a guest on the “In the Picture” program, the reason why plane passengers hang up their mobile phones during boarding and landing. The program presenter, Abdullah Al-Mudaifer, asked during the episode, “Why are plane passengers asked … Read more

Inspiring Conversion Story: How Al-Hilal Player Salem Al-Dosari Influenced a Young Foreigner to Embrace Islam

2023-11-27 02:43:41 Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip showed a young foreigner telling the story of his conversion to Islam because of Al-Hilal player Salem Al-Dosari. The video showed the young man wearing the Saudi uniform and saying that he was playing FIFA with a Saudi citizen, and Salem Al-Dosari appeared to him with a package … Read more

Watch.. the reaction of the artist Tariq Al-Ali after he saw Al-Hilal player “Salem Al-Dossary” among the audience in the play “Mamiya Wadi”

2023-11-20 10:09:03 Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip circulating on social media documented the reaction of the artist Tariq Al-Ali, after he saw Al-Hilal player Salem Al-Dossary in the audience, during the performance of the play “Mamiyya Waldi.” The video clip showed the artist Tariq Al-Ali stopping the play and the rest of the male and … Read more

“May God have mercy on your young men, do not dissuade me from my decision.” Watch the artist Adel Al-Maliki announce his retirement from songs and musical instruments.

2023-11-16 11:16:45 Al-Marsad newspaper: The artist and singer of songs, Adel Al-Maliki, announced his retirement from songs and singing songs that include musical instruments. He also deleted all clips that contain songs and songs that contain music. Al-Maliki said: May God make this work pure for the sake of God. Secondly, we were preparing for … Read more

Watch.. Yasmine Sabry publishes a new video documenting her preparations to attend the opening of the Riyadh season and shows off her appearance in a tight black dress

2023-11-01 19:24:12 Al-Marsad newspaper: Egyptian artist Yasmine Sabry published, through her account on the social networking site Instagram, a new video documenting her preparation for the opening night of the 2023 Riyadh season. In the video, Yasmine Sabry showed off her appearance during which she attended the fiercest match on the face of the Earth, … Read more