Seizing of Al-Bunyan Family Properties: Legal Advisor Reveals Implications under Financial Market System

2023-12-14 23:48:45 Al-Marsad newspaper: The legal advisor, Muhammad Al-Musfer, revealed the possibility of seizing the properties of the Al-Bunyan family in violation of the financial market system. Reserve the wallet He said during an intervention with Al-Ikhbariya channel: “When the Appeals Committee issues a final decision, it is implemented directly by the Public Prosecution and … Read more

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Minister of Finance Mohammed Al-Jadaan on Economic Policies and Tax Changes

2023-12-06 16:51:29 Al-Marsad newspaper: The Minister of Finance, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, said that there are economic policies that do not change, such as diversifying the economy and encouraging the private sector. He added: “There are financial policies that change according to changes in economic and financial conditions, including tax policies, so any changes will be announced … Read more

The CEO of the Competition Authority answers • Al-Marsad newspaper

2023-12-04 20:43:08 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Zoum, CEO of the General Authority for Competition, revealed that car prices in the Kingdom are higher than in neighboring countries. He said during an interview with the “In the Picture” program: In 2018, when we wanted to build the Authority’s strategy, we conducted a general study of all … Read more

The Reason Why Airplane Passengers Must Hang Up Their Mobile Phones According to Khaled Tash of Saudi Airlines Group

2023-11-27 19:45:03 Al-Marsad newspaper: Khaled Tash, head of marketing for the Saudi Airlines Group, revealed, during his appearance as a guest on the “In the Picture” program, the reason why plane passengers hang up their mobile phones during boarding and landing. The program presenter, Abdullah Al-Mudaifer, asked during the episode, “Why are plane passengers asked … Read more

Dangers of Mixing Energy Drinks and Coffee: Insights from Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr

2023-11-22 04:08:35 Al-Marsad newspaper: Consultant cardiologist, Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr, revealed the danger of mixing energy drinks with distilled coffee. Energy Drinks Al-Nimr said in a tweet on his account on the “X” platform: A recent trend has spread among young people to mix energy drinks (such as Red Bull and others) with distilled coffee, in … Read more

Uncovering Money Laundering in Camel, Oud, and Perfume Trading: Al-Marsad Newspaper Investigation

2023-11-20 21:38:17 Al-Marsad newspaper: The Public Prosecution investigator, “Ahmed Al-Muqahm,” revealed that the trade in camels, oud, and perfumes may be linked to money laundering crimes. Pointing out that regulations have been put in place for these activities. He said during an interview with the “Fi Al-Sawra” program broadcast on the Rotana Khalijiya channel: “One … Read more

The Truth About Treating Heart Diseases with Moringa: Insights from Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr

2023-11-10 08:10:03 Al-Marsad newspaper: Cardiology and arterial catheterization consultant, Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr, revealed the truth about treating heart diseases with moringa. Al-Nimr said, in a tweet via his account on the “X” platform: With regard to the heart, scientific studies have not proven its effectiveness as a treatment or prevention in humans to date. He … Read more

No one brings his biography, you don’t know what he’s doing – Al-Marsad newspaper

2023-10-18 02:45:13 Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip showed Egyptian artist Wafa Amer’s emotion over the attack on Liverpool player Mohamed Salah. Amer said in a video clip: You don’t know what he is doing, and if you please, no one will answer Mohamed Salah’s biography. This came during her participation in the solidarity stand with … Read more