The Clash on Air: Al-Marsad Newspaper Covers the Heated Exchange Between Sports Critics Hamed Al-Balawi and Sami Al-Hariri

2023-12-20 00:45:00 Al-Marsad newspaper: A sharp exchange broke out on the air between sports critic Hamed Al-Balawi and Sami Al-Hariri due to the Union’s environment, during the episode of the “Action with Walid” program broadcast yesterday evening. The beginning of the sexual intercourse The discussion began with Hariri’s response to Walid Al-Farraj regarding Benzema’s transfer … Read more

Al-Marsad Sports: Al-Hilal player Ali Al-Bulaihi’s Heartwarming Response to Al-Nasr Fan Goes Viral

2023-11-14 18:43:11 Al-Marsad Sports: Social media pioneers circulated a video clip documenting Al-Hilal player Ali Al-Bulaihi’s response to a Nasr fan’s question about Al-Nasr winning the upcoming Asian Championship. The video showed Al-Bulaihi sitting inside a car, accompanied by another person, while a girl’s voice was heard asking him: “I want victory to take Asia.” … Read more

Former Al-Ittihad Player’s Revelations: Prince Sultan’s Intervention in Dismissing Saudi National Team Coach in 2000

2023-11-13 04:20:26 Al-Marsad newspaper: Former Al-Ittihad player Mohamed Nour mentioned sports critic Mohamed Al-Deaie that he called Prince Sultan to dismiss Machala from coaching the Saudi national team in 2000. During the discussion on the “Durina Ghair” program, Muhammad Nour said to Al-Daei: You are the one who solved the problem and attacked Prince Sultan. … Read more

Al-Marsad Sports: Intense On-Air Debate between Saud Al-Sarami and Abdul Rahman Al-Jammaz on Al-Diwaniyah Program

2023-09-11 00:12:07 Al-Marsad Sports: Sports critic Saud Al-Sarami entered into a heated discussion on air with sports journalist Abdul Rahman Al-Jammaz. During tonight’s episode of the “Al-Diwaniyah” program, Al-Sarami said: Al-Jammaz said that I was a friend of Al-Baltan when I said that Hassan Timbukti had become a player within the ranks of Al-Hilal. Al-Sarrami … Read more

Why Cultural Diversity in Marriage is Beautiful: The Love Story of a Saudi and Moroccan Couple

2023-09-02 07:43:26 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A beautiful Saudi girl asked her father a question in a video clip, asking him why he chose to marry her Moroccan mother. The clip showed the girl saying to her father: “Why did you marry a Moroccan who is my mother?” And her father answered her: “Now your mother holds … Read more

Sports Observatory: Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed bin Abdulaziz Praises Salem Al-Dosari as the Most Important Player in Asia

2023-08-18 21:17:14 Sports Observatory: Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed bin Abdulaziz spoke about Salem Al-Dosari, the Al-Hilal player, praising what the latter presented with the national team and the Al-Hilal team. And Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed published a tweet on his official account on Twitter, in which he said: In my opinion, Salem is … Read more

Embracing Hospitality: Citizens in Asir Welcome and Entertain Foreign Tourist at Al-Hablah Park

2023-08-11 21:12:22 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a group of citizens in Asir welcoming a foreign tourist to Al-Hablah Park, and interacted with them by performing some show movements. During the clip, a number of citizens appeared as they gathered around a foreign tourist in the form of a circle, and they chanted a … Read more

Successful Entrepreneur Yazid Al-Rajhi’s Insight on Setting up Businesses and Thriving in the Rally World

2023-07-16 15:17:32 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Businessman Yazid Al-Rajhi and rally racer answered a friend’s question about his satisfaction with setting up companies. Al-Rajhi’s friend said: “Since noon, we have circled around 12 companies that follow you.. Is that enough? When will you reach the stage of sufficiency?” With regard to the rally, Al-Rajhi said: Rally Go … Read more