The Clash on Air: Al-Marsad Newspaper Covers the Heated Exchange Between Sports Critics Hamed Al-Balawi and Sami Al-Hariri

2023-12-20 00:45:00

Al-Marsad newspaper: A sharp exchange broke out on the air between sports critic Hamed Al-Balawi and Sami Al-Hariri due to the Union’s environment, during the episode of the “Action with Walid” program broadcast yesterday evening.

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The discussion began with Hariri’s response to Walid Al-Farraj regarding Benzema’s transfer to Al-Hilal and Mitrovic’s transfer to Al-Ittihad, where he said: “Benzema will succeed, and Mitrovic will not succeed because the environment makes a difference.”

Al-Balawi picked up on the conversation, saying: “Sami Sami… I won’t allow you to talk about the Union’s environment.” Hariri said: “You have no right to numbers and no right to discussions.” Al-Balawi responded: “You want me to go down with you to the level you are at. I will go down with you. The Union’s environment is clean.”

While Hariri interrupted him, saying: “Don’t raise your finger, I will put my finger in your eye,” and Al-Balawi replied: “Don’t mince words, be gentle and be a man.”

Walid Al-Farraj intervened to calm the situation between the two parties, and asked Hariri to clarify what he meant about the Union’s environment, and whether he was talking about a technical aspect or not.

Hariri said that by “environment” he means the group of players in the team, when they play with the heart of one man, that is, the technical aspect.

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