Sarah Sechan’s Alleged Satire on Nagita Slavina: Full Story and Reactions

2023-12-14 17:02:01 Friday, 15 December 2023 – 00:02 WIB VIVA Showbiz – Social media was shocked by a statement from Sarah Sechan which allegedly satirized Nagita Slavina. Sarah Sechan wrote her opinion about the attitude of someone who is often called “Sultan” in this country but whose treatment is considered bad when he is in … Read more

The third session of the Red Sea Film Festival announces its surprises

2023-12-01 00:36:48 Everyone is awaiting special and exceptional surprises at the third session of the Muhr Jan Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in terms of participating films and guests of honor, including international stars and honored stars. Global presence Hours before the start of the new session’s activities, international star Will … Read more

Former Al-Ittihad Player’s Revelations: Prince Sultan’s Intervention in Dismissing Saudi National Team Coach in 2000

2023-11-13 04:20:26 Al-Marsad newspaper: Former Al-Ittihad player Mohamed Nour mentioned sports critic Mohamed Al-Deaie that he called Prince Sultan to dismiss Machala from coaching the Saudi national team in 2000. During the discussion on the “Durina Ghair” program, Muhammad Nour said to Al-Daei: You are the one who solved the problem and attacked Prince Sultan. … Read more

Al-Nasr Club Awaits Merits of Disciplinary Committee’s Decision to Appeal Sultan Al-Ghannam’s Penalty

2023-10-16 12:40:36 Al-Marsad Sports: Al-Nasr Club officials are waiting to receive the merits of the decision issued by the Disciplinary Committee of the Saudi Football Federation against Sultan Al-Ghannam, the right-back of the first football team, in order to file an appeal against that punishment. According to Al-Riyadiah newspaper, Al-Nasr management is waiting to obtain … Read more

Breaking News: Al-Nasr Club Appeals Disciplinary Committee’s Decision to Suspend Sultan Al-Ghannam

2023-10-14 19:02:08 Al-Marsad Sports: Sports journalist, Ali Al-Marshoud, revealed a surprise regarding Al-Nasr Club management’s appeal against the punishment of Sultan Al-Ghannam. “Al-Marshoud” wrote through his personal account on the platform: “Until this moment, Al-Nasr management is still awaiting the arrival of the reasons for the decision to suspend the player Sultan Al-Ghannam by the … Read more

Prince Bandar bin Sultan’s Comment on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Interview: Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-09-24 22:03:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed published, through his account on the “X” platform, Prince Bandar bin Sultan’s comment on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s interview with the American Fox News channel. Prince Bandar bin Sultan said: “Abu Salman: You were Suhail’s star in India, and now you are Suhail’s star in … Read more

Rising Star: Sultan Al-Ghanam’s Spectacular Performance Sparks European Interest

2023-09-02 20:09:51 Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Sultan Al-Zaidi published a tweet about Al-Nasr player Sultan Al-Ghanam after his outstanding performance against Al-Hazm. Al-Zaidi wrote through his official account on the X platform: “Personal expectation: Sultan Al-Ghanam is the only Saudi player that we can hear in the winter or next summer with an offer from … Read more

Gold is at its lowest level in 5 months with the rise of the dollar

2023-08-17 12:17:29 Gold prices touched their lowest levels in five months, today, Thursday, with the dollar and US Treasury bond yields gaining momentum, and this comes at a time when European stocks fell under pressure from the decline in the shares of “BAI Systems” after it agreed to buy the aviation unit of the company. … Read more