Billionaire Gautam Adani is ranked seventh among the world’s richest people

In just over six hours of trading on the stock exchange”MumbaiI lost a group Gautam Adani More than $50 billion of its market value, costing Adani more than $20 billion, or about a fifth of his fortune, in hours. This is the largest ever loss of Adani’s wealth and the sharpest market-driven decline of any … Read more

Watch… Prince Mishaal bin Sultan’s reaction after he mistakenly headed for a car, thinking it was his car

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A widely circulated video clip, on social media, documented the quick wit of Prince Mishaal bin Sultan, after he mistakenly drove into a car, thinking it was his car. Prince Mishaal bin Sultan headed towards the wrong car, thinking it was his car, but inside it he found someone he knew, according to … Read more

From “Davos”… Microsoft announces the integration of artificial intelligence tools into its products

The CEO announcedMicrosoftNew plans to integrate artificial intelligence tools, Satya Nadella, told the World Economic Forum.DavosHis company plans to integrate AI tools like ChatGPT into all of its products and make them available as platforms for other companies to build on. Nadella confirmed, during his participation in the annual event of the World Economic Forum … Read more

The British royal family: “Harry was kidnapped by Megan and psychotherapists”

The Independent learned that the reconciliation between the Royal family british fPrince Harry The youngest son of King Charles, has become “impossible”, because the king and queen consort and heir apparent Prince WilliamThey fear that anything they say will come out publicly. A source close to the royal family said that Charles WCamila And William … Read more

Oil prices stabilize and await the decisions of the “US Federal Reserve”

settled down Oil prices Tuesday, the tenth of January (January), with dealers anticipating indications regarding the plans of the Federal Reserve (US Central Bank) related to lifting interest ratesto see the repercussions of this on the economy and demand for fuel. Brent crude futures for March delivery rose 27 cents, or 0.3 percent, to $79.92 … Read more

An exchange platform, the fastest way to “illusion” earning dollars in Lebanon

Lebanese carry bags of the national currency to exchange it from commercial banks, a scene that has become part of the daily life of citizens in light of a “banking platform”. Surprisingly, however, the “illusion of quick gain” turned it from a mere tool to unify the exchange rate and curb its rise into a … Read more