The head of the “Sadr movement” is adapting to revised regulations.

Muqtada al-Sadr’s followers and rivals were both focused on his vague call to await “important matters” and the instruction for his movement’s officials to not leave Iraq during Ramadan. This ended his five-month long silence on political matters. Al-Sadr’s apparent awakening came after the governments of Baghdad and Erbil agreed to pay salaries to employees … Read more

5 amazing benefits of lemon juice for oral health

Lemon is a versatile citrus fruit that is widely known for its many health benefits. And one area where lemon juice excels is in promoting good oral health. Lemon juice has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many oral health problems, such as toothache, bad breath and gum disease. Here are 5 … Read more

“Lebanese Pound Experiences Drastic Plummet while ‘Ghost’ Manipulation of Exchange Apps Suspected”

The money markets in Lebanon experienced sharp fluctuations, with the dollar approaching 150,000 pounds before the Central Bank intervened by offering open sales at 90,000 pounds per dollar through their exchange platform. This caused a decline in the exchange rate on the black market to 105,000 pounds in the afternoon. A senior banker noted an … Read more

“Abu Dhabi Festival” in its twentieth session: art celebrates the values ​​of the human being of the world

Chinese cellist Jian Wang to Asharq Al-Awsat: Technology is disruptive The twentieth session of the “Abu Dhabi Festival” draws the curtain to the sound of applause that ignites after the performances. What we followed is art that respects taste and influences ideas. A course whose motto is “The will to develop is the yearning for … Read more

The Copenhagen Conference: A Stepping Stone towards the Climate Summit in Dubai?

The Copenhagen Ministerial Climate Conference has started, months prior to the climate summit “COP 28” that will be held in Dubai, which is hosted by the United Arab Emirates. The two-day meeting is attended by ministers and climate envoys, and experts anticipate that this meeting may pave the way for concrete results at “Cop 28”. … Read more

Claims to ban the use of electric shocks to treat mental illness

MPs from across the political spectrum are calling for electric shock (ECT) to be used as a psychiatric treatment to be banned in England and want the practice urgently investigated. MPs told The Independent they were genuinely concerned that electroconvulsive therapy was being offered disproportionately to women, and indicated that patients were not properly informed … Read more