Saudi Arabia’s Administration Overhaul: King Salman’s 20 Major Orders – Latest Updates

2023-12-14 09:53:38 Riyadh: A major overhaul of the administration in Saudi Arabia. King Salman issued about 20 orders on Tuesday night regarding changes in high-ranking positions, including royal advisers and governors. The current Governor of Madinah, Emir Faisal bin Salman, was removed from his post and appointed as a special adviser to King Salman with … Read more

The third session of the Red Sea Film Festival announces its surprises

2023-12-01 00:36:48 Everyone is awaiting special and exceptional surprises at the third session of the Muhr Jan Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in terms of participating films and guests of honor, including international stars and honored stars. Global presence Hours before the start of the new session’s activities, international star Will … Read more

Gold is at its lowest level in 5 months with the rise of the dollar

2023-08-17 12:17:29 Gold prices touched their lowest levels in five months, today, Thursday, with the dollar and US Treasury bond yields gaining momentum, and this comes at a time when European stocks fell under pressure from the decline in the shares of “BAI Systems” after it agreed to buy the aviation unit of the company. … Read more

Medical Negligence: Understanding the Causes, Consequences, and Legal Implications

2023-06-12 15:57:14 Like other people, Muhammad Kamal used to read from time to time about an accident that claimed the life of a citizen or left him disabled as a result of medical negligence in a hospital, but the young man who had recently completed his university studies and was preparing to start his working … Read more

“Latest News from Saudi Arabia: Space Exploration, Science Achievements, and Diplomatic Efforts”

2023-05-26 16:17:32 Riyadh: A cabinet meeting chaired by King Salman at Jeddah Al Salam Palace congratulated Rayana Al Barnawi and Ali Al Qarni, who arrived at the International Space Station for a historic achievement for the country. The Cabinet wished the duo a successful mission and a safe return, hoping that space travel would help … Read more

How Grip Strength and Mobility Tests Can Predict Your Risk of Dementia – A New Study

2023-05-08 11:56:21 A new study reveals that simple tests that assess grip strength and mobility can predict people’s risk of developing health factors associated with aging such as dementia. Previous studies have shown that as people get older, they generally tend to lose muscle tone and move more slowly. read more This section contains related … Read more

“The Next Arab Summit: Expectations & Leadership Presence”

2023-05-04 08:49:51 Expect a large leadership presence at the next Arab summit The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said that he “does not know whether Syria will return to the Arab League or not,” and that he “did not receive, in his capacity as Secretary-General of the League, any letters … Read more

“Lebanese Ministry Launches National Survey Campaign for Displaced Syrians Amid Calls for Deportation: Latest Updates”

2023-05-03 07:42:02 Amid calls to “deport” illegal residents The Lebanese Ministry of Interior launched a national survey campaign to enumerate and register the displaced Syrians, as part of new procedures to control their work and identify those who are legally in Lebanon. These government measures are taking place in light of political discussions and calls … Read more