In the video .. “Saleh Al-Areedh” tells the details of King Salman’s attendance of a karate training session with Prince Muhammad and his brothers

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“Zanga Contact” won the Grand Prix of the National Film Festival in Tangiers

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Iran expands counter-demonstrations and repression against the “women’s uprising”

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman is a professional in karate and has a black belt • Al Marsad Newspaper

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International shock in the face of the “Boat of Death” disaster, and the Lebanese army was arrested and involved in smuggling

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Hisham Selim leaves, leaving a lump … and “a laughter that rings”

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Grace Ashkar to Asharq Al-Awsat: In “Sit Al-Dunya” life does not stop

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The rise of the dollar brings down oil prices

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Apple plans to fix iPhone 14 Pro camera shake next week

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