Charleroi Funeral Nazi Salutes: Shocking Video Footage and Legal Consequences

2023-11-27 10:52:34 The prospect of the gathering of 2 or 300 people known to be possibly problematic had prompted the Charleroi police to put in place a discreet security system. The police were not disappointed by the spectacle. Leather jackets bearing the 88 logo, for the eighth letter of the alphabet, or HH for Heil … Read more

Family Seeks Answers: Investigation Continues After Fatal Accident in Lodelinsart

2023-11-26 08:00:00 The weekend just after the accident, we mentioned it in a previous edition: Giuseppina Virone, aged 80, did not survive an accident, rue Emile Vandervelde in Lodelinsart. Very quickly, an investigation was opened, and an expert was mandated to determine the exact circumstances of the accident. However, the communication from the Charleroi public … Read more

Involuntary Manslaughter in Tomy Delmotte Case: Civil Party Questions Verdict – Latest Updates and Witness Testimonies

2023-11-24 16:58:00 As part of this case, Anas Ateyaoui was sentenced to five years in prison for beatings leading to the death of Tomy Delmotte, without intention of causing it. The involuntary nature is called into question by the civil party, as recalled by Me Fabian Lauvaux, who represents the parents of the young victim. … Read more

Exhibitionist Incidents in Parks: A Closer Look at Public Indecency and Legal Ramifications

2023-11-23 19:00:00 The first events took place on June 18, 2019. It was a municipal employee who called the police: a man, shirtless and shorts pulled down to his feet, was masturbating in front of a group of elderly teenagers from 13 to 17 years old. Two years later, on February 23, 2021, it was … Read more

Stay Safe in La Louvière: Tips, News, and Updates on Crime and Security in the Region

2023-11-22 09:00:00 ** ************* ********** *** ********* *** * ****** ** ******* ************* **** *** *** ***** ******** ****** ***************** ********* *************** * **** ****** *** **** ********** ** ****** * **** *** ******** *** ****** *** ** ********** **** ** ***** ** ** ********* *** ****** **** **** *** **** ********* ** * ** … Read more

Arnaud Expulsé: Delhaize Seraing Musician Controversy Sparks Public Outcry

2023-11-19 15:30:23 Monday, as usual, Arnaud Coune goes to Delhaize located on rue de Rotheux in Seraing. For almost 5 years, he has been playing music for the establishment’s customers and distributing a few stuffed animals. Its objective can be summed up in one word: sharing. But that day, things did not go as planned … Read more