Vandalism Strikes Emergency Services: Ambulance and Police Car Damaged in Brussels Hospital Attack

2023-10-14 17:45:04

An ambulance 112 from the Brussels Red Cross was vandalized with paving stones this Friday evening while it was parked in a space reserved for it in front of the emergency room of the Etterbeek / Ixelles hospital; resulting in an exploded windshield, damaged hood and fender!

“Once again incomprehensible actions and actions towards the emergency services which provide assistance to the victims. The vehicle will be stopped to the detriment of the population who will need it”, we comment internally on the side of the rescuers, not without annoyance!

The following ? The police patrol dispatched to the scene to observe the facts suffered the same fate, as confirmed to us by the spokesperson for the Brussels Capital/Ixelles police, Ilse Van de keere.

“A police patrol was sent this Friday, at 9:48 p.m., rue Jean Paquot, in Ixelles, to the hospital emergency room in the context of damage to an ambulance. The colleagues made the usual observations. The ambulance had damage to the windshield and the right front wing and two paving stones were found,” she said.

“On returning to the police vehicle, after observing the damage to the ambulance, the colleagues then noticed that the right rear window had been broken. A paving stone was on the ground in front of the police vehicle, but there was no one nearby. An investigation is underway,” adds Ilse Van de keere.

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